A Homemade Year turns ONE!

 Last spring I remember stumbling upon a beautiful book called A Homemade Year.  I purchased it because I was instantly drawn in to the cheerful cover and photographs inside.  I also noticed the book was divided into seasons, which I loved.  AND it was written by a lady from Arkansas.  I was fascinated.  

{A few months later, plan after plan fell through for my dreams of selling handmade or creating art retreats.  I was weary and sad and emailed Jerusalem, the author of the book.  I don't know what I was thinking except that I was desperate but not wanting to share how much so with my real life people.  And you know what? She wrote back.  She wrote back genuine, real-life words that cut right to the heart of the matter. Her words carried me from the depths of discouragement to the green pastures of God's peace. 

That is exactly what A Homemade Year does for me every time I read it.  And I read it often.  The books main concept is about creating traditions with your friends and family, centered around the liturgical year.  The words in the book settle deeply in your heart and mind, while the crafts and recipes guide you towards practical ways to let your heart speak through your fingers. 

The wreath is just one of the many projects out of the book that have such great meaning.  It's not just about "making a craft".  Here are Jerusalem's words about the patchwork wreath:
"The wreath represents the circle of life, and the scraps of the fabric represent the individuality of each of us.  The fabrics overlap, representing how each human life affects another, a reminder that no one is an island, all our stories are connected, stitched together."

In a world that is often more comfortable in front of a screen than another human being, I love how Jerusalem's book shows the sacred, holy, and powerful relationships we can have as humans.  Her story has definitely connected with mine.  Her book is the best of guides for taking this everyday life and creating meaning in our rituals and routines.  

I hope that you will treasure this special book as much as I have. 
You can purchase the book here,
or find Jerusalem here!


  1. Thank you friend! What a sweet post!

  2. Love! And yes, Jerusalem's book is a reflection of who she is, who she was created to be.


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