cats and dogs and decorating.

 Hi everybody,
 how has your week been?  Ours has been unusually busy, due to Brett working some different hours than normal.  Still we've squeezed all the fun into the moments we've had with him just like normal.  Did I write about our cat yet or was that just on Instagram?! Anyhow, our cat got run over last weekend.   Brett and I spotted it and were so glad the girls didn't notice. 

I admit, the cat annoyed me so much for the longest time.  Be-Bop was a boy cat and would rub incessantly on your legs and feet when you tried to sit or stand or walk or do anything.  I used to call him world's most annoying cat for this very reason.  But then I started to realize how much the little girls really, truly loved the cat.  And so I started to cave.
 Once Betsy Grace started laying her head on him and tickling him and giggling and Anna Ruth followed him around the yard asking him questions, I just couldn't help but be all in. 

I grew very accustomed to seeing Be-Bop nap on the back deck when the girls did, all curled up like a little baby.  He'd watch me at the back door when I cooked or cleaned.  He was always there, sitting and watching.  And so, I am quite sad he's gone.  Tears in my throat sad.  It is most surprising.  I haven't missed a pet like this since my childhood dog died.  
The good news is this immediately helped me decide whether or not we should get the girls (ok and me too) a dog.  And we're going to!  The big plan is to go pick out a dog tomorrow.  No worries. I'll immediately be introducing him or her on Instagram, I'm most sure.  I need another little creature to make their way into the "pet" section of my heart! 

In other news, last weekend Brett got the roof all finished on the playhouse!  It is covered with old barn metal.  Isn't that the coolest?! 
 One night this week Brett was working late and so rather than sit by myself and eat all night and watch t.v. I made the conscious decision to make myself go into the craft room.  As I truly believe, Art (and Jesus I might add) saves.  It definitely saved me this night from emotional eating.  I took one of my $1 canvases and went to work.  There was at least once in the process of painting this where I thought that I absolutely did NOT like the way it was turning out and wanted to throw it away. 

But I kept painting anyway and loved the end result.
I went back and forth on whether or not I should paint a word on top of the background, or attach a collage of items.  In the end I decided to leave it just how it is.  I was afraid if I messed with it too much I might miss out on the lovely background I'd liked so much.  

I must add I am using "cheap paints", a.k.a. the acrylic paints you buy in the tiny bottles from Hobby Lobby, on all my painting projects.  And stamps from the clearance store and household objects used for creative markings.  Being artistic and creative is not limited to those who can afford the fancy supplies!  Another blog post though, another time.  

I ended up displaying this canvas in my kitchen, as a sort of backdrop to the fruit bowl. 

I also tackled this little project one morning.  Brett was home and took the old headboard off our bed.  I styled the old door, thrifted stitched prints, and flashcards behind the bed instead.

This didn't take long at all to do and I fell instantly in love with how it looked,
even though Anna Ruth told me it was "not amazing".  lol. 

I love working on little projects to make our house a home. 

What have you been up to this week?  
What's been fun or hard or challenging or rewarding?
I'd love to hear.


  1. No special projects for me this week. Too much time needed to get ready for events this weekend, but I do love what you've done. The bedroom is really adorable!

    1. Thank-you Bev! What events are you up to this weekend?!

  2. I've been catching up on your posts lately and I got to this one and had to stop and tell you that I love that door! It looks great and you did a fantastic job in this room!!

    1. Thank-you so much! I sure am enjoying it :)


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