It's Friday folks.

 TGIF folks!  Around here we anticipate the weekend as if it were the grandest of occasions.  Which, considering Brett is home with us, it pretty much is.  We love our farmer.   Brett and I have been doing date night every Friday night at home, treating ourselves to food the girls don't get (if you're reading this some day girls, sorry, lol).  And then I go in the craft room and release all the ideas I've been carrying around all week but haven't had time to do.  It's wonderful.  
 This week was full of highs and lows.  Things that surprised me in good and bad ways.  No, you don't need to read into that too deeply.  Just normal life stuff.  I will say I was needing to take some photos of our home to email someone and they needed to be my best work.  And I noticed (as I lamented on Instagram) as I loaded them onto Picasa (which I've always used) it was like a light was turned off on my pictures.  They would load into the program and then go dark.  I shoot in manual mode and really do work hard at getting a good quality photo.  It made my stomach hurt to watch all that hard work be darkened.  SO, after asking around it says like Lightroom is a good, somewhat affordable option for me.  Brett fully supports my photo and art passions and told me I could buy it.  A huge purchase.  But one I think will be worth it.  

In the meantime, I used Iphoto to edit the house photos and got them emailed in using Hotmail's OneDrive.  All new things for me, but they worked for this opportunity at least.  Whew. 

{I just HAD to post the photo wall again.  I mean seriously, it does my heart good.  I think it might be one of my favorite projects I've ever done.  And it was certainly one of the easiest.  I printed 4 x 6 pics from Walgreens, used a coupon code, and printed over 80 photos I believe.  The total cost was around $13.  They're just taped on the wall with masking tape.  Scotch brand, which hasn't ever peeled the paint off my walls before)

 Look at this little cutie. 
She is a go-getter.  She wakes up giggling and talking and bounces all over her crib.  She loves getting stranger's attention at the store and is learning all kinds of new words.  She is the reason for my belly laughs and my head hitting the pillow hard at the end of the day.  

 One afternoon we did an art lesson, using a book I checked out from the local library.  We used watercolors with stencils, blew on the paint with straws to create a runny look, and used salt sprinkled on top of the paint.  Anna marked on herself with markers and said she wanted to leave it there to show her daddy.  

 I love these two cuties. 
They're all over me and next to me and in my heart in ways I couldn't have imagined pre-kids.

Trying to keep them both challenged and learning without pulling each other's hair out has been an interesting challenge lately.  I am more tired now, quite possibly, than I was with a newborn.  I've caught Betsy Grace on top of the dining room table more times than I can count.  All of this is terribly funny at the end of the day.  Brett and I sit in the quiet of the house and just laugh and laugh at our bigger than life girls.  
Last night my sweet man convinced me to sit on the front porch for a thunder storm.  The daredevil he is.  It's that time friends,

This weekend I'm looking forward to lots of art time (hopefully), Brett time, a baby shower for my new baby nephew who will arrive in May (Brett's brother's baby...that's a mouthful!), maybe a little chick flick watching, and rest.  Lots of rest.