Exciting Announcement: Free Photo Downloads and Art Album

Hi everybody!  I have some exciting news for you today! 
I mentioned a while back that I'd had the awesome honor of doing some work for author, Holley Gerth.  I combined her words from her new book You're Going to Be Okay with my photos.  She has been using these on social media to help share the good news and encouragement of her newest book!  
(and can I just mention, I'm also honored to call Holley a friend.  She's gold.)  
I had someone contact me a while back about buying a print of the photos.  Through several discussions with some trusted people in my life, prayer, and much meditation, I decided to choose ministry over money and offer these as a free download.  

That means you are free to print any of these photos at your leisure! 
To print you will simply visit the "Photo Downloads" tab on my blog (see above!) and click on the Flickr link.  Once on the Flickr page you will click on the photo you wish to print and then look to the right for a symbol that looks like 3 circles or dots in a row.  OOO 

Next, you'll see a variety of options for the photo.  You will click on "Download/All sizes". 
If I were you, I'd click on "Original Size" and then save it to your computer where you can find it easily.  The last step is to send it to the photo printer of your choice! 

For my own personal use, I love Walgreens and Shutterfly.  Walgreens is a faster and cheaper option.  I usually use their one-hour option and then I can easily pick my photos up in the same day.  The quality of the print has always been good for me!  The paper is much thinner than if you ordered from Shutterfly so it's up to you as far as what kind of quality you're going for.  

Shutterfly is an online photo ordering service and your photos will be mailed to you after ordering.  I use them a lot also and you can usually find a coupon code for photos on their website. 
I recommend that you print these no larger than 8 x 10, seeing as I don't currently have them sized correctly for anything larger.  
And the last, but not fun part about this, 
I ask that you please respect Holley and I by only printing these for personal use.  Like hanging in your home, at church for your small group, or in your office.  These are intended to be used for ministry, not money making.  Please do not print these and resell.  

 And now on to another fun little change on the blog! 
I added a section at the top called "My art" (catchy isn't it!).  

Because, for example, this new canvas is something I wanted to show you but for my own personal use I'd like to have a spot to see all of the canvases I've been painting in one place!
Ok, so maybe this "announcement" is just exciting for me?!...

 So feel free to take a peek on this fun little page too.  Where I declare my love of paint. 
This canvas was so fun to do.  I held the idea in my head for a few days and it was so exciting to see it come to life.  This is going to hang in the girls room!  

{I plan on also adding one free photo download a month from The Rosy Life!  Is this something you're interested in?  Please let me know in the comments below!}


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