{DIY} Photo to Wood Transfer

Doesn't this look fabulous?!  
If you've been hanging around here long at all you know how passionate I am about food, friends, and crafting.  So combine all three of these and it's a winning combination.  A few friends and I have started a monthly craft meeting.  We were lucky enough to enjoy this delicious food this month!  
 Last month I brought both the girls with me because there would be other children attending also.  It didn't quite work out trying to tend to the girls and craft so this time I left them at home for their nap and went solo.  It was a nice treat for me to have real adult conversation AND get to eat AND get to make a craft and take pictures!  

This month's project was transferring a photo to wood.  We first started by printing out a color or black and white photo on a laser jet printer.  You can do this at the library or a copy store like Fedex or Office Depot.
 Next we brushed gel medium on to our wood in a thin layer,
and then laid the photo (picture side down) on top of the wood.  We smoothed out the paper carefully, starting from the middle.  Next we took a credit card and used the edge to smooth down the paper some more, eliminating any excess glue out the sides of the paper.  

 My friend teaching us how to make these said you could wait to let the glue dry or hold the hair dryer over it for about 7 minutes, waving it over the picture.  I chose to do that.
After using the hair dryer to let the glue dry I then sprayed water (generously) on the paper with a squirt bottle...
 and with my fingers rubbed the paper off the wood.  
You were then left with an awesome, antiqued looking photo! 

This is mine.  I plan on adding some paint or something to the edges of the wood to make it blend in a bit more with the photo.  
This is how the other girls photos turned out.  Aren't they awesome?! 

I can't wait to make even more of these!  

What a sweet, talented, smart bunch of friends these girls are. 
(and what you can't tell from this picture, is my friend on the right is expecting my newest nephew in about six weeks! We are so excited!)

Have you ever tried a photo transfer like this?  Have any tips?