Cuteness Overload: Our new puppy, flowers, and farm girls

I mean really. 
I just about can't take the level of cuteness in this post.  Let me start by introducing the newest little farm GAL.......
 Our 4-week old puppy, Bouncy.
 We got her last night and already she is just a perfect fit for us.  She is the cutest little thing you've ever laid your eyes on.  She's even kept me from tearing up about Be-Bop in the last day.  BIG accomplishment.  
We knew we wanted to get the girls a puppy so after yesterdays' adventure to the Gentry Safari (which deserves a post all of its own) we headed to the local animal shelter.  We looked at a 3 month old puppy named Ranger.  He was the most playful, hyper dog!  Which I'm sure is very normal.  His size was just too big for my comfort level.  I'm ok with the girls getting used to a puppy and then it growing with them...but I didn't want a bigger dog starting out.  I could tell Brett really liked Ranger but I pretty firmly said no and Brett is so kind, he listened.  So we left Ranger there.  And on we traveled to the next animal shelter.
 There just happened to only be one puppy there....
this one.  She was obviously very excited to meet us! 
She's been nipping at our hands and feet some but we have already seen a MAJOR improvement in her not doing that since we've had her in the last 24 hours.  We just hit her nose and tell her no every single time she does it.  Like having a baby around! (except I don't hit my baby's noses, promise, lol)
 Anna Ruth gave little Bouncy her name and it suits her just fine.  She's been in the house with us and just follows us around everywhere.  Just the way we  like it.  

 This afternoon Brett needed to fix some fence on the farm (a never-ending job) and the girls and I (all 4 of us.....Bouncy totally counts!)  loaded up in the Ranger and went with him.  We had the grandest time!  
 Bouncy took turns hanging out by the fence with Brett and traipsing all over the pasture with us.  I am most happy and proud to teach the girls the fine art of making your own adventures.
 I love showing them how you can truly have fun with only your imagination on hand, no toys required.  For this little journey we decided our water bag would be our treasure bag.
 Every time we spotted something interesting, into the bag it'd go.  Anna Ruth would say "Treasure!!" every time.  Every.  Single. Time.  

 We bent WAY down to look at every single lady bug we spotted,
chased a butterfly,
sat on a log and pretended it was our train,
picked a cactus, 
looked at the clouds,
picked flowers,
and walked holding hands.
 After all that we were quite satisfied to sit and give ourselves a rest.

 We even had a few sisterly love moments..
 but this is really what my "real life" could be summed up as today. 
A sleepy, sweet puppy on my lap, gorgeous flowers, and the cutest girls I could imagine. 
With Betsy Grace trying to jump ship.  Looks about normal to me! 
 When we got home I traded our old daffodils for the new ones on the mantle. 

Brett grilled us chicken and we ended the day like kings and queens. 

What a day! 
Welcome home Bouncy, welcome home.