A field trip: Drive-thru Safari

 Last week's schedule was a bit wonky.  Brett was working unusual hours and it was one of those weeks where it feels like your eating, sleeping, playing, and living are all centered around work.  So by Friday, we were ready to take our freedom and fun back and have an adventure day! 
 Brett took a vacation day and we headed to the drive-thru safari.  The last time we were there Anna Ruth was Betsy Grace's age...and I was pregnant.  It was so exciting to be able to take both girls this time!

 For the first part of the safari you drive.  They have signs asking you to keep your windows up but we let them down for most of the drive.  Anna Ruth sat in Brett's lap and Betsy Grace in mine.  We let the girls eat little bags of chips (major treat) while we drove around.  

 We did fine with the windows down except for a few times.  
Like these times! 
A couple of the animals tried to stick their heads in the window and Betsy Grace freaked out!  I don't blame her, me too. I just started saying "Brett, Brett, Brett!"  which I'm sure was very helpful.  

Brett even let Anna Ruth take a turn at the wheel!  She did great learning how to steer and stay on the road.  
 The peacocks are always so majestic and regal and just beautiful! Show-offs.  

 I spy: Chippy paint.  I wanted to take this table home to live among my other chippy loves.  
 Brett snapped this picture and it means so much to me.  It shows my life exactly as it is, right smack in the middle of having a one and two year old.  They're still so little aren't they?  

 Spotting this snake was a bit comical because we've taught the girls that any time they see a snake they're supposed to "run, run, run, run, run!"  It was a bit difficult to explain that it was ok for this man to be holding this giant snake! 
 These little cuties got fed lettuce leaves! Their tongues were long and gray and funny looking.
 My heart goes pitter-patter every time I hear her pitter-patter on the ground.

After driving through the safari and visiting the petting zoo we left with such satisfied adventurous spirits.  It sure is fun getting to experience out of the ordinary moments together as a family.  We realized last year (after attempting a plane ride to Chicago) that the distance of the trip doesn't determine the size of the adventure.  You can be as close to home as your heart desires and still adventure big.  


  1. Hey! Great up close clear photos! I love this place...the animals renew my spirit every time I go:)

    1. Hey the previous post is mine by the way! I'm not great with technology:P

    2. Hi friend!! The animals were so, so CLOSE! Like kinda freaking me out at times :) I'm sure you and J would love this place! I've been loving your pictures you're posting!

  2. I've never seen a peacock with white feathers! Amazing!

    1. It was amazing! I wanted to get a picture of the turquoise one but it was playing coy :)


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