Sunny: Bucket list and Art

Happy Sunny skies to you! 
It is finally starting to feel like spring around here.  And sound like it too!  We live in the windiest house there ever was.  Sometimes I'm afraid it might topple over! But so far, so good.  

Something Brett and I started to do a few seasons ago was make a "bucket list" of sorts for the upcoming months.  We, as always, don't intend to plan every second and minute of our free time. But, between his work, our farm, and family, extra time is very limited!  And so we want to make sure we're including plenty of fun in the gaps of time we have that aren't allotted to necessary things.  

Enter: the "list"!  This year we made a list that's for spring and summer (even though it just says "Spring").  Sometimes we get every single thing checked off the list.  Most of the time not.  But we always, always, ALWAYS make good memories doing these together.  Most of the activities are things just for our family, or immediate family.  Some will include friends as well.  
I hung our list up inside this giant yellow frame that's been hanging in our kitchen ever since we moved in.  It used to house a large black chalkboard, but I got tired of it and the chalk wouldn't write very well on the surface anymore.  Down it went.  Instead I placed our bucket list inside, a large fabric panel on the bottom by my most favorite illustrator Cori Dantini, and art done by me above.  She Art it's called, inspired by Christy Tomlinson's online course (you can google both of these!)  I could make She Art every. single. day.  
And really taking this online course is what inspired this canvas!  I am so, so hungry to know more.  I just never knew how much I would love learning about paper and paint and sketching.  Like I think about it a lot.  I can't wait to learn more.  There are several good free videos on Christy's blog that you can watch that would be so fun!  Videos on mixed media canvases and paints.  They're just kind of long, which is a totally good thing because it means they're full of great content!  But, for me video watching time is somewhat limited so I'm holding out for the weekend to treat myself with some new info :) 

I made this particular canvas for my sweet twin sister.  She is always encouraging me along, whether I ask for it or not.  She saw a picture on my Instagram account with the words "I can do hard things" (which I read on Pinterest I think?!) and asked if would make her a piece of art that said the same thing.  Of course! 
This is how the art ended up!  
A little word about this...
I love the before AND I love the after! Both.  And when I was done I wanted both copies, before and after.  Both were beautiful, both valuable to me.  

A lesson there, perhaps? As my pastor says, "That'll preach." 

As always, my art, my heart, my thinking process, my intentions and goals, my passion, my everything...........
all because of and for Jesus Christ. 
The most creative of all creatives. 
The masterpiece Himself. 

{Tomorrow on the blog: Filtered or fraud?! A real life look at The Rosy Life}


  1. That's lovely! I like the mix of mediums!! Great ideas!! Way to go Sara!

    1. Thank-you Sydnee! Are you making art these days? I hope so. :)

  2. Great JOB! We are all so ready for Spring. I just love seeing your picture.

    Diane Roark

    1. Thank-you Diane! I am making your slow cooker sausage and tortellini soup this week. Can't wait! :)

  3. That's the cutest to-do list I've ever seen!

    1. Thank-you! It is actually an old Aldi's grocery bags, lol. The thought of getting out with the two for craft supplies makes me very, very thrifty!

  4. Great art, and you definitely have me curious about tomorrows topic.

    1. Thank-you friend! Hopefully tomorrow's topic doesn't disappoint, lol :) I'll mail your package tomorrow or Friday!!


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