My style.

Are you laughing already? I almost am. 
Have no fears if you suddenly thought I was going to be one of those gals who blogs about fashion regularly.  This is so not that.  But, this spring weather and the fact that I'm not dressing simply to be able to nurse a baby in public has me thinking about my clothes and what I wear again.  And for the most part, it's fun.  
 First and foremost, I am not what I would consider a highly fashionable person.  Meaning, my idea of a good time is not spending the weekend at the mall or shopping 'till I'm dropping every chance I get.  And all the girls in America probably just hung their heads in shame, lol.  But, it's just not me.  I DO like to look nice and lately I've been thinking more about my personality showing through what I wear, other than the random paint flecks that are quite often on my hands.  

I'm a mama and I adore art, in all its forms.  The two biggest parts of who I am (besides wife to my wonderful husband).  So I want my dressing to reflect that. 

The outfit above may be the totally wrong mix of things but I happen to love it so as always, don't tell me if it isn't your thing.  :) 

These outfits I all liked because they were layers and I love, love layers.  Not because I feel like I'm hiding but just because I can mix and match things.  My jewelry is very simple these days because little hands get ahold of it and things either go missing or get broken.  This owl necklace was from my sister and it is my favorite piece ever.  I wear jeans 6 days a week usually, but do like the printed jean look for spring.  I'm hoping my boots aren't too hot for wearing in the summer some. They are just now starting to get so, so comfortable. 
I usually shop at Target and thrift stores. Occasionally Old Navy.  I hardly ever pay full price for something.  We are a one income family and I will happily buy less clothes, and buy them on sale if it in anyway helps us stay on budget.  And you know what? Even if I had millions, I'd still buy my clothes on sale.  I'm convinced you can look nice without spending $200 on a dress.  

The outfit above is an example of why I like thrifting!  I can mix and match each of these pieces, and all together they cost $11.50. 

 This weekend I was looking around Target and saw several dresses I loved but they were short in the front and long in the back.  I just can't quite wrap my head around that trend.  
What do you think?

Haha, and then there's this.  I didn't know if it would have been inappropriate and childish for me to wear or cool so I left it there. ( But I secretly like it. )

How are you when it comes to clothes/fashion? 
I certainly care because I think the image we project does say something about us.  
But, I'm also just as comfortable posting pics in no makeup and sloppy clothes (I frequently post IG pics of no makeup).  I'm the same Sara with or without the pretty clothes. 

But isn't it nice to feel put together?  
It's an added bonus that running has made my clothes fit fantastic this year.  
I'm hoping, praying, and believing I can keep it up. 

What do you do to feel good about your appearance?
Does it matter a little or a lot to you? 
Shopping advice?
Share away! 


  1. Same here!, I'm frugal when it comes to clothes shopping! I only buy on sales, I love 75-80% off and LOVE the extra 25-60 % off on clearance LOL, I'm so lucky to find good sales. I pay from 1-20 max and 20 we are talking about a dress, my purple night dress for graduation was 29dlls and I found it at Name Brand 1/2 price... was at Dillard's for 300 and now on sale for 196 :D, it sometimes takes time to be able to go shopping but I will wait for the of seasons and get ready for next sale, save money and go shopping, but I love it, and even if I had the money to spend it I wouldn't! Sahara

  2. I rarely pay full price for anything, as a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I did. I shop the thrift stores, and love putting things together on a budget. I am in great need of losing some weight, and have become more self conscious about what I am wearing. As for the dresses that are long in back, short in front, not a good look at all in my opinion. As for the kitty kat sweater, it is fun, and my grandson would definitely love it, however it wouldn't be for me. All of the outfits you have put together look great!

  3. Hi friend! Thank-you for your words, I love reading them. Did you know you were the winner of my spring giveaway?! Email me ( with your address and I'll get your fun package mailed to you this week! :)

  4. Sara,
    I would have totally been tempted by that cat shirt too :)

    Love this post! I'm not a fashion person, but not for lack of desire. I just gravitate to jeans every day.

    Love your choices and the boots!!

  5. I'm a sales shopping queen too! You're not alone. :) Two of my favorite sales racks to haunt are Kohl's and New York and Company. I've been trying to acquire more professional stuff, and their sales are so nice!

  6. Was that for me?? :O hehe. Sahara

  7. I like the layers too in clothes.... makes it fun and interesting. Also thanks for showing the process of making you canvas painting. This is on my to do list for the summer. Also thanks for the list of names in an earlier blog.


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