Butterfly wings.

These girls. 
I don't even know that I have the correct words to describe them!  They are both so different which is so normal to me.  I have an older sister and a twin sister and I am very different than both.  My girls are about as polar opposite as you can get.  Lately they've been having more little moments where they join forces.  Now, whether for fun and games or orneriness.....well, that all depends on the day and their moods.  But at least they're paying attention to one another and having a blast, right?!
One evening Betsy Grace decided to feed Anna Ruth.  It was hilarious.  Forget watching t.v.!  Watching these two is far more entertaining!  Betsy Grace would make a sound like the word "bite" and then hold out the broccoli or chicken flauta to Anna Ruth and Anna would eat it.  Then giggling followed.  

And repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 
Until someone bit someone else's finger, lol.  It's all fun and games 'till someone gets hurt.  
(I'm rolling with laughter looking at these pictures and remembering this scene)
We are still in dinner survival mode (does it ever end?!) and so my methods for getting dinner cooked each night are getting crazier and sillier by the day.  This particular evening I dumped a bunch of fuzzy balls and cotton balls out on the floor with some big spoons and bowls and basically said "Have at it".  And it worked, it really worked!  I was able to get dinner fixed that night with minimal trauma. :)  

I think this picture is gorgeous of Betsy's little (ok, chubby) arm.  I mean, it pulls on my heart strings big time.  I have yet to look at it without tearing up.  A picture that makes me forget pre-dinner stress? Yes, please.  THIS is why I photograph......pull out your cameras friends! It's so worth it! There is light to be captured!
Anna Ruth just may make a puzzle worker out of me yet. 

I bought the gals some magnifying glasses and a pair of wings from the Target $1 section.  You could have thought it was Christmas x's a million.   I snapped away as Anna Ruth flitted around the yard like the most fabulous butterfly that she is.  "Angel you were born to fly..." Nickel Creek sings it so well.
Betsy Grace was in her roaming and eating and exploring mode.  Finding whatever she can to climb on or in and trying out the trike.  

These photos tell the most wonderful story of a spring afternoon outside for us.  If they're any indication of what's to come this spring and summer I've got my wings ready to fly to keep up with these two wonderful girls. 

A favorite..........

Are your wings ready to fly?


  1. They look like they are enjoying a beautiful spring day!

  2. The butterlfy wings look like so much fun I think I might like to try it one afternoon!!
    A wonderful post to capture the promise of Spring.


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