Once upon a garden...

Once upon a garden,
there were seeds gathered,
plans drawn,
ideas sketched.

Tasty food imagined,
delicious meals envisioned,
 Once upon a garden,
a little girl got to dream of taking the reins,
and dirt was gathered, load after load.

 while another little cowgirl felt larger than life on the tractor.

 Johnny Cash was played,
feet were stomped,
instruments shaken,
hands clapped wildly. 

Once upon a garden,
a mama got to drive the farm truck,
shovel dirt,
and show her girls the meaning of the good life.

Once upon a garden,
a blank book was waiting for its story to be told.
A clean slate waiting to be chalked,
food to be grown,
memories, tears, roots of joy, laughter, surprises,
ready to be sown and reaped.

This is the story of our garden.

{To be continued...}


  1. So many things I love about this post!

  2. Enjoyed your garden post. The words, captions and pictures. My grandparents lived on a farm and this brought back memories!

  3. Thank-you friends! We are having such fun creating memories with our gals in the garden. :)


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