Snowy Sunday.

 Are you snuggled up by a fire somewhere, tucked in safe? 
I sure hope so.  I feel like we get made fun of in Arkansas sometimes for our reaction to snow.  But, it snowed again today and I don't know about the rest of the state, but I am clearly not made to be a cold-weather gal. It sure is pretty look at though.  Dreamy, really.  
 To be honest-we are actually quite a sicky bunch right now.  The girls have been getting over colds this week..and Betsy's dealing with her asthma-like cough.  Worries this mama's heart. 
We will take her into the doctor hopefully tomorrow to make sure she's ok. 

I seem to have caught a double dose of whatever the girls have had. 
And that's precisely why I take pictures on days like these. 
Because I know myself really well, and I know how the lyrics will play.  Sad and sickly, if I don't re-write the day with my camera.  And so I snapped some favorite sights from the day anyway.  They are a beautiful sight to me.
 My mother-in-law lives next door and we are very close with her (we don't have the awful relationship most people joke around about).  She graciously let us come over twice and the girls just played and played.  They love their Nana's house! I like going too, because we can show up as unkept as can be and it's just fine.  

 I was also thankful today for the texts I received from my twin sister and playgroup friends-checking on us and giving sweet reminders that the snow is pretty and we'll be ok.  :)  No judgement about my spirits being less than rosy, just help.  

 We started the day off with my favorite-waffles with peanut butter and syrup.  A match made in heaven.  What's your favorite waffle topping?  You DO eat waffles, right?! I sure hope so.
 The eyes on both my gals get me. Every. Single. Time.

Let's find the rosy in the routine today..shall we?  A bit of the Glad Game-

snuggling in bed with Anna Ruth
waffles and coffee
Brett serving in the nursery without me (what a man)
the magical winter scene outside
avocado, onion, salt, and lemon juice mashed together with chips for dinner
Betsy Grace tickles and snuggles and kisses
Anna Ruth singing Shout to the Lord
Anna's imagination
what else?


  1. Sara,
    I love your pictures. In fact....I envy your skills at photography!
    And, I also live next door to my mother in law!
    And, today's assignment on my blog is to take a picture of your favorite bird. Well, I see you have a beautiful picture of some birds in this post. There is more to the assignment, but you've got the picture thing down :)

    Hope you feel better real soon :)

  2. We had an ice storm of sorts, so it is not very pretty here right now. But...we are having our first snow day off from school! That makes me happy. We are supposed to get a real snow tomorrow, so we will see how this all affects the roads. I finished a quilt project before I started another sewing project. That was a big one for me. Usually, I have about 5 projects on my "to-do" list that need to be finished. Hang in there! 6 weeks till spring, right?


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