Bouncing back.

I quickly (and rather hastily) posted a quick DIY project on Instagram this week and wrote a few lines about feeling sluggish, both mentally and physically.  I instantly felt guilty for not being strong enough to overcome those feelings and then almost in the same breath, felt free and normal and human for saying so!   I think the thing others sometimes forget about me (whether you know me both in real life AND the blog, or just the bloggy world) and what I often forget about myself,
is that I have a one-year old and a two-year old who are 17 months apart and I get tired.

Enough said!  I happily and joyfully have two little gals that I love so much it takes my breath away sometimes.  They are literally my world, walking around.  They are rambunctious, energetic, sweet little gals who are learning about everything at lightning fast speed, including discipline. 
And so-back to that whole sluggish thing. 
Need I say more? 
I also think sometimes I forget (and maybe you forget about this too?) that finding the rosy in the routine isn't always......rosy.
A lot of days I work really, really hard to find the rosy in my routine.  I pray for it, ask for it, and seek it out.   One night I decided to relax by creating a pretty table-scape, complete with lots of candles.  Take that, dark winter nights!

I laid out our best china (which I'm still in love with) and an assortment of dish cloths and handkerchiefs (most thrifted) and added candles (clearance at Target!) in various jars.  And as always, our faithful candlesticks from our honeymoon to Italy. 
 The next morning I lit everything for the girls and I at breakfast.  Anna Ruth instantly commented on how pretty it was and said the sparkly ones were her favorite.  

Mission accomplished.  
 Brett also surprised me with a date to Crystal Bridges, our local art museum that is a very big deal around here!  Seriously, like it has famous works of art in it, it's not just a small town kind of thing.  

 Isn't this WEIRD?! I mean, it looked JUST like a real person.....
 and so did this! Ok, so it kinda freaked me out.  I kept glancing over at the statue to see if he had moved. Or was looking at me.  I mean, the man even has elbow wrinkles.  Seriously, so fascinating.

 And then there was this.  Caught my eye all the way across the room.  Quite possibly the loveliest painting I've ever seen. Ever.  It made my eyes want to fill with happy tears.  If you're the serious type, you'll shake your head and think that's silly.  If you're the dreamer type, you'll get it.  
(but even the serious types-look again....)
I loved, loved this painting too!  It was called "September Sunshine"! Isn't that lovely?  
I was most drawn to the paintings that had "the light".  You know the one-the glow that makes you feel warm and cozy and full of sunshine and happy?
THAT light. 

And that is how my candlelit table and date night made me feel.  I told Brett I felt like I'd bounced right back after this date.  A dress, cowgirl boots, art...and Brett are just what I needed.  

What have you done to bounce back lately? 
(I need to bounce back with my exercise routine next week-pray for me!)


  1. I agree, art museums are a great way to recharge. You can't help but come out of a good museum completely inspired!


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