It's ok. You can laugh.

 If you're not quite getting the "funny" in these pictures, allow me to explain. 
I had this idea....(oh, how many of my conversations have started like that!) to photograph the girls in our upstairs nook.  A cozy, cute little spot that looks school-ish.  Anna Ruth was not interested.  I distracted her a bit with the old-fashioned lunch box like my dad used to carry.  

But her displeased face just makes me laugh. 
And the six bows piled on one headband (when she's only worn a headband a handful of times in her ENTIRE LIFE),
and Betsy Grace's sweater that was supposed to have a shirt on underneath but I didn't know...and so it became a belly shirt (because she still throws a fit every. single. time. I dress her or wipe her face/ who wants to take the sweater off to put an undershirt on for that?!)

 Betsy's hair that always has volume and body,
and her feet that go, go, go, go, go.......

 And then there are these.

Anna's tiny little body in leggings,
I just can't get enough.  She was running laps this day around the kitchen island.  I think we already determined winter has overstayed its welcome, so why not? 
 You should see her little hop! She finally learned how to get both feet off the ground and she is PROUD as ever.  Watching her tiny little body leap off the ground (a half inch or so, lol) and then her big proud grin makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  Such joy.

Get it sister! 
We are dancin' fools in our house. 
Where only us can see us. 
If you saw me dance,
I would say-it's okay, you can laugh! 

What's making you laugh today?


  1. Sara,
    I love coming to your blog for so many reasons :) I mostly love the way you take your everyday life and make it interesting and fun.

    Your girls are precious! Thanks for sharing :)


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