Snow again, snow again-jiggity jog.

 I am listening to the sound of a serious flow of running water, a.k.a. melted snow outside!  This little snowstorm snuck up on us, as I mentioned yesterday.  We woke up this morning with the most brilliant sunshine, making the snow look like glitter.  It was magical.  
 I took some photos because although I am ready for spring, this is pretty too!  Something about the way the sky was today, with the sparkle of the snowflakes....
it got my attention.  Most of these photos are taken from inside my house, where it's warm and I can be right by the girls.  They are still recovering from sick stuff so I was the not fun mom today by not letting them go out in it.  In fact, they haven't even asked.

 I did sneak outside for about 5 minutes to quickly snap a few more photos.  Something I've learned as a mama (that I never thought about before kids!) is to be quick.  It would be nice to leisurely stroll through the snow, setting up perfect vignettes and snapping away. BUT, that's not my real life.  Being mama has taught me to be quick on my feet.  And I like that.  Thank-you girls for teaching your mama lessons I didn't even know I was lacking!

 On the more serious side of things,
Brett drove us into the doctor today for Betsy Grace.  She has an inhaler she uses on a regular basis but has been pretty sick for about two weeks with a terrible cough and cold symptoms.  The short story is she has bronchiolitis.  So, a different medicine for the inhaler, and two liquid medicines for now.  I seem to be getting over a sinus infection as well.....thank-you for all the prayers and thoughts you've been sending our family. 

I generally hesitate to post anything health-related (along with a list of other personal things) on the blog.  You just never know how it will come across.  I know my family isn't dealing with anything life-threatening.  Lots of families are sick right now.  This will pass and spring will come and this will be a quick, less-than-happy, winter moment.  But real life must take place here.  That matters to me.  And so, our real life right now is not so fun, but will get better.  

 What are you up to on these snow days? 
I much prefer to be crafting, making art, and coming up with fun activities for the girls. 
I plan on doing all of that as soon as I feel better!
For now-lots of snuggles and hot chocolate. :) 

Just for fun on this last image....
I edited it a bit differently and just love it. 
I'm still aiming to get better at my camera,
but am happy for now with the quality of pictures it takes! 
I'm learning as realistically as I can...
little snippets here and there.  

What are you up to this week? 
What's a new skill you're aiming to get better at?


  1. Your photos are stunning!! I just want to stare at them... all day. :)

    1. Thank-you so much Bekah! I love your pics and thoughtful blog posts. The post about our children being blessings has stuck with me.

  2. Your pictures are an inspiration to me Sara. I have fought the urge to get more technical with photography, but I almost can't stand NOT to, when I see your beautiful pictures. Ahhhh! I'm rebelling against this! I feel like my brain is too old to learn the details. I like to point and shoot!

    1. Thank-you for your kindness Debbie! I love your writing style, it is just like sitting down with a good friend. The camera (to me) is just about like anything else, just takes some knowledge and lots and lots of practice! I know you can do it!

  3. Pretty snow and thank you for keeping it well north of me! I am sooooooo ready for spring!


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