Oldies but goodies. The phone dump.

 Howdy friends!  The sun came out briefly this afternoon and got my spirits all lifted.  And now it's gone.  What a tease. 
We're snowed in, still.  Yesterday I only took one picture all day.  It goes like that for me-in waves.  I told Brett I'd only taken one picture and he asked if I was feeling ok.  Haha. He knows me well! 
 A few things I've found highly humorous in the last week or so have to do with the movie snow days versus real life snow days.  For example, sitting inside in a perfectly cute outfit, makeup, movie going, hot chocolate sipping, and craft making-that's the movie version.  Real life snow days mean we stay in comfy clothes, eat food that's less healthy sometimes, play the days away, and......
wait? What else was it we do? 
Oh that's right-nothing.  :)  We keep each other company, we don't organize and find all the things we should be doing in the house just because we "have the time".  We play! 

We're actually still getting over being sick too.  I am dealing with a bit of sinus stuff and Betsy is showing tiny signs of improvement with her cough and nose.  But it is very, very slow going. 
 And taking care of each other, texting friends and loved ones,
sending prayers out for sick families,
cooking, cleaning, and caring for my family.  
That's enough for now. 
When I feel like it-a craft or two.  Some photos (always photography).

But, those things are enough.  
I haven't even been exercising! 
 So today you get to enjoy the phone dump.  I love a good random mix of phone pics.  Like this one.  Our cat Be-Bop weasled his way into my heart.  He sleeps like a baby curled up and it is cute, cute, cute.
 When the weather's nice we still love our weekly playgroup!  These gals and their kiddos have become my best friends over the last 2 years.  

 I think we've already established how much I "treasure" (sing it Bruno) a good nap. 
Yes and amen.
 The Springdale library always fills our joy tank. 
The loveliest books, people, decor...
 lol. I'm a fan of his.  
(don't leave me hateful comments over this please, haha)
 Anna talks so big but I forget she is still so little! 
She needs cuddles and snuggles and I happily give them. 

 If I were asked what I do, or what my goals in life are-
this picture would sum it up.
 We tried star fruit. It looked beautiful,
but tasted yucky and bland.
 When the weather's right and everyone's healthy I like to do weekly grocery and learning time planning.
 Betsy Grace LOVES bananas.  She'll eat an entire banana quickly.

 My little craft room buddy, when Betsy Grace naps.  
She even requests time in there now! 
"Mama-I want to go make art with you in the craft room."
Be still my heart.

 Proof that I did attempt a healthy breakfast at least one day this week.  

 Art imitating life. 
Your life is a great, big open canvas.  Paint away!

Who wouldn't want to end with a jar of pickles? (or tickles as Anna calls them)
My girls LOVE pickles. We seriously bribe them to eat their dinner sometimes with the promise of a "tickle".  

It's a funny, sweet, interesting little life we live in our family of 4. 

We are enjoying sitting by the fire, playing anything and everything we can think of,
making arts and crafts, eating yummy food, and making plans for spring. 

Like starting out our vacation talk about the beach and ending it with
"Let's go to Branson".  And being majorally excited about that. 

What are you up to? 


  1. Sara, I'm pretty sure all I'm ever going to say when I come here is "I love your pictures!"

    I love that they make me feel like I can feel the warmth and coziness of your little home with your precious girls.

    I know what you mean about the sun teasing us! That was so NOT nice!

    I'm sure you're ready to break out and not see snow for a while :)

    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderfully cute pictures. (I love the one of the table, by the way.)

    Blessings :)


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