Right now. And your turn to share.

1.) A peek at some pictures of Anna Ruth and I, in the retreat of the craft room...
2.) a right now list. 
Idea directly from a blog I heart, Foxs Lane.
and below all that fun..
3.) A question, an opportunity, a moment to share....if you want. :)
Making: happy mail, hard decisions, plans for Spring
Cooking: salmon patties, butternut squash salad, kale, eggs
Drinking: smoothies, coffee by the buckets, hot tea, water
Reading: Bittersweet by Shauna Niequest, blogs, my pen-pal letter,
Isaiah 58 from The Message bible
Wanting: to make a difference for Jesus, to visit the beach, to get better at photography
Looking: at blue skies, at love, at the simplicity and beauty of winter revving up for Spring
Playing: puzzles, the piano, with my sewing machine, chase with the girls, Rend Collective's Campfire album
Wasting: time worrying over people who don't "get" me
Sewing: bunting, and maybe a project for the girls next?
Wishing: we had garden food and I could sit down and eat it with the wonderful faraway friends I've "met" through blogging
Enjoying: Brett being home in the evenings. 
Waiting: to see what God has in store for me. My dreams have turned into "don't know's" for now.  
Liking: Peanut M and M's, shadows in the morning, Duck Dynasty, Parenthood
Loving: Anna's made up language, Betsy's toothy grin, the enormous stack of books in my craft room, letters from friends, Brett's grilled food
Hoping: for a good report for a friend
Marveling: at the sunrise and sunset each day
Needing: to exercise, and be still
Smelling: the wood-burning stove
Wearing: clothes a friend gave me
Following: the most inspirational people on IG...and the most honest/real-life
Noticing: the song of the birds
Knowing: that saying "no" to a bajillion good things in order to say "yes" to the BEST things in my life makes a lot of complete sense to me, and a little bit of sense to everyone else
Thinking: about planning an at home date this weekend, centered around garden planning
Feeling: inspired, hopeful, and expectant for what's to come
Bookmarking: colorful ideas for the girls playhouse and dinner parties in spring
Opening: my heart to ideas I've never thought of or given a chance before
Giggling: at the girls when they put panties on their heads

And now, an opportunity. 
I've been thinking a lot about having Rosy Life readers share bits from their lives.  Those are the stories I love, that make plant a seed of goodness in MY life, when someone passes on an encouraging word about reading the blog and getting an idea for their own life.
Then my blog/pen-pal friend mentioned having a link-up for the Blessing Basket idea I posted a couple of days ago, for people to share their own baskets.  I put two and two together and decided I should do something about it.
I know in my real life, blogging time is somewhat limited (my choice). So I might not have time to read every single link entry.  BUT, I like seeing ideas all in one spot.  It's why I like Pinterest so much.
So let's do this.
We'll start with the Blessing Basket idea.
If you made your own Blessing Basket and want to share,
email me a picture of it to sunshinebysara@hotmail.com

with the link of your blog entry, if you also blogged about it.  If not, just a picture is fine.

Then I'll gather the pics and do a post on them,
kind of like coming around the table to sit and share.

AND, if that works-we'll do it again with something else. :)
How does that sound?


  1. What kind of time frame are we looking at for getting the info to you. I would love to put together a blessing basket, and yours was such a great idea.

    1. Yeah! I can't wait to see your Blessing Basket...
      just anytime in the next two weeks or so should be good. :)
      I'll try to post a reminder or two on the blog soon!

  2. I am working on my Blessing Basket and will let you know when I get a chance to post some pics. Sounds fun!

    1. Sounds great friend! I look forward to it :)

  3. I really like your format for this blog entry! It's a nice way to sum up what's going on (activity wise and in your heart).

  4. You got some really got photos here Sara, where this taken with your 35mm? maybe I just need to learn use it. Sahara.

    1. This was the first week I had the 35mm I think! I seriously love it :) I hope you do too!


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