Mini photo shoot of my girls.

 The morning shadows are getting to me.  I feel like they have become the perfect back-drop for framing my thoughts on motherhood right now.  They capture the glow, the sweet profile of my girls, the gentle way I want to love them.  
 This one gets me.  Every time.  I think it will be a favorite, one I'll come back to when I'm old and I've sat and laughed at all the funny little faces and things the girls have done.  Then, this.  A sweet portrait of a rare still moment for Betsy Grace.

Betsy Grace is a go-getter.  She is into everything!  She especially likes it when she wakes up from nap and Anna Ruth and I have done something for big girls and fun and she can get into it.  Here she is messy because she dove right into her waffle with blueberry jelly.  Food, art, life....
she goes whole-heartedly for it all. 
Except for others holding her. 
That's still a mama thing. :)
 I brought our new box of chalk inside to draw on the vintage chalkboard that's still leaning against the wall in our bedroom.  And then decided in about two seconds to do a mini photo shoot of the girls.

For if I waited until everyone was squeaky clean, hairbows perfectly aligned, happy as can be...
well, the photos would never get taken. 

But THIS, is a story. 
A real-life story of my two little girls. 

I love these photos. 
They capture the essence of our life just as it is right now. 


  1. Sweetness! And that chalk board is perhaps one of your top best purchases!!! What a find!


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