A visit to the chickens.

 Todays Arkansas weather carried with it a hint of spring. 
I layered up as always and immediately noticed how warm I felt once in the sun. 
My body settled in for a good day, remembering what it was like to have the sun sink in to every nook and cranny of your body, mind, and soul. 
 After nap time I asked the girls if they wanted to take a ride to see the chickens.
Of course, they jumped at the chance.

There is a cabin/farm house right next to our house that is owned by Brett's mom. The chickens live there and it's only a short wagon ride for the girls.  I usually pull them through the pasture.

 Anna was channeling her inner Fern and talking to the chickens as if they could talk right back.  When they ran in and out of their little house too many times for her liking she told them "Noo...now that's enough".  She even played peek-a-boo with a few, and stayed in the chicken yard with them by herself for most of the time. We may have been watching too much Charlotte's Web recently!

 Betsy Grace mostly preferred watching from the sidelines and having the wagon all to herself while Anna Ruth was preoccupied.

Afterwards we came home and dove into a new pack of chalk I bought today. 
I usually know a good thing when I have it,
and this day was a very good thing. 

These little voices, these little adventures, delighting the girls with surprises,
this is what matters to me!


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