Learning with Littles

We sure have had a lot of snowy/icy days this winter.  How about you?
There have been plenty of opportunities for some great learning at home.  At the start of the school year I purposed to do at least one or two planned activities at home a week.  Then Anna started Mom's Day Out and activities like playgroup, grocery shopping, park visits, and the library filled up our schedule fast. 

While all worthwhile and fun things, I was finding ourselves with less time at home to just.....be.
I'm praising the snow days for teaching me the power of staying in. 
Moments, minutes, even hours where the girls and I can create, learn, experiment and just be.
Most of these activities are geared towards Anna Ruth and I include Betsy Grace as much as possible.  A lot of times when we're using small items, such as the beads and contact paper above, Betsy is napping and Anna and I get some one-on-one time.  

Contact paper is a fun, easy supply to keep on hand!  Kiddos can stick beads, construction paper shapes, or pictures from magazines to it.  I usually tape the piece to the table, sticky side up so it doesn't scoot around while we work.

Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace are both very interested in crayons and art supplies!  Betsy has only used crayons so far (she's 13 months), but Anna also likes markers, colored pencils, pens, pencils, stickers, notepads....the list goes on.  

One day we were at Target and I let her pick out a new art supply just for fun.  As an adult, I like to experiment with different art mediums and I want to teach that same excitement to the girls.  Trying new things is fun!  She chose the Melissa and Doug farm stamp set.  Great choice, cowgirl! :) 

The stamps are perfect for her because she doesn't like to get messy things like paint on her hands.  She can easily hold onto these stamps without a mess!

After watching a Max and Ruby episode recently she decided she would start writing stories.  I have a few that I wrote down for her that are just precious.  Worth more than gold.  She always starts her stories with "Once upon a time..."   She likes to sit and say stories out loud while scribbling with a pen. I highly encourage this! 

 This is just about as happy of a table as you can get.  Favorite snacks? Check.  Color galore.  Check.  Creativity and art encouraged?  Check, check.
Watercolors are a new love of mine.  Anna Ruth's Crayola set is running pretty low so I offered to let her use my set from Hobby Lobby.  We had such fun painting hearts for a few different projects I'll share soon!  This particular day Betsy Grace colored while sitting in her highchair.  We all had a happy, colorful time. 

I think that sharing my art supplies and love of creativity matters.  Will my girls grow up to love it as much as I do?  Probably not, but maybe.  Truth is, that's not the point.  The lessons learned around this table are hopefully going to be confidence, being adventurous with new things, being bold and taking risks, and expressing our unique, God-given selves.  There are so many ways to live an artful life and I pray the girls choose which path delights their heart the most. 

God is most artful.


  1. Sara, my friend, you are a great mom, and I'm certain you were (and maybe will be again!) a fantastic teacher! I appreciate your posts so much. I know I say that often but I really do. :) I love the photos! Esp the one of Anna's little feet tucked under her while she's sitting in the chair and her sweet little concentration face captured in so many shots. Perfection! Thanks for sharing your days. And thanks for the positive outlook on being "cooped up!"

    1. Thank-you Sydnee! I feel like the winter weather has made me have to work harder at seeing the positive, but photos help my eyesight change :) I need to see you soon friend!


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