Help! I want a new camera. Now what?

Hi friends! How was your week?  I admit, the snow/ice started to get to me a bit this week.  I was peeking around on the computer at some pictures from the previous year and came across the most gorgeous SPRING photos.  My eyes had forgotten what it was like to behold such a rainbow of colors!  

And on that note-I need some advice.  In looking at my photos over the last year or so I'm proud of the way I've learned what I like to capture best and to do that confidently. 

However, there are still things about my photos I don't like.  And that comes to the equipment.  I have a very nice camera, a Nikon D3000.  It has served me very, very well and I've just about worn it out.  In fact, a local camera shop tried to tell me I needed a new one and that it couldn't be fixed about 6 months ago.  Brett fixed it himself and we've been clicking away ever since. 

But, I've been saving since the summer for a newer camera body and lens and it's time to make the leap. 
I'm nervous though.  I have been shooting in manual mode since September and I feel comfortable (mostly) with all the jargon like ISO, aperature, white balance, etc.  

However, I get lost in looking at all the Nikon models. I've been looking at camera bodies ONLY on Amazon and need a bit of guidance.  

What do you all recommend?  I don't need the most expensive, professional lens.  I want to spend within my means.  I also don't think having better/more expensive equipment makes you a better photographer.  It's way more about the lighting/artistic eye/composition to me.  

BUT, there are much better quality pics taken with nicer cameras. 

SO, give me your advice! What do you use? What's on your wish list?


  1. I use a D3100 so we both shoot Nikon! If you're upgrading, I would recommend the D5200 or D7000 depending on your budget :) Love your blog!

  2. I have the Canon rebel as you know but just got a new lens! I'm so excited and very pleased! The quality is not comparable to kit lens! It's a sigma 30mm with f1.4. There's a Nikon mount as well. I got it at Bedfords. If you want to see it maybe we can get together :)


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