(I bought the camera. )
 {I'll share more details soon. }
 [It should come in the mail this week! ]

This quote is what it's all about to me. 
The Rosy Life blog isn't about being the happiest, healthiest, smartest, richest.....
none of the "est".  

It's about living a blessed life because of constantly looking again,
when there appears to be nothing worth gazing upon. 

I want to matter.
That's what I keep saying to God and Brett.
I'm sure there are people in this big, wide world who read my blog or see me from a distance and think I have motives for blogging that are actually far from the truth. 

I don't blog to get high stats,
I don't blog to be Super Mom,
I don't blog to get others to like me. 
I don't blog about whatever I think will be popular. 

I blog because it's helped me keep a record and storybook of the most humble of places my life has been..and yet-still see the beauty in it all. 
I photograph to line my eyes up with my heart,
and that is to please God. 

I know the world is filled to the brim with evil, unhappiness, and anxiety. I get tired and want to cry. I'm as human as they come.  Through looking again, I wish to "not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good." 

God made our earth and it was good. 
God is showing me the tiniest features of beauty
in the most humble of places. 
THAT is why I blog. 

And it is good.


  1. I'm so glad that you blog, Sara. :)

  2. Thank-you friend!
    I miss you. How is Little? :)

  3. Yippee for the new camera! I enjoy the happy light you shine on life. Reading your blog reminds me that there are others who are trying to encourage good and I am not alone :)

    1. Hi Ashley! I miss seeing you! I always like seeing the pics of what you and your family are up to. If you lived closer, we'd get along great :)


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