Happy Mail.

And mail. 

Not words that generally go together in our day and age.  One day I found myself pondering the absurdity of how happy the little white mailbox makes me.  I know the sound of the mailman when he's coming.  I anxiously await opening the little door to see what's waiting inside. 

And before now, that usually meant a newspaper that wasn't going to get fully read, a handful of bills, and mail that wasn't even intended for me in the first place (we still get some of my other family member's mail here... a long story)

I decided to change that. 
Blogging has led me by the hand to the edge of my farm life as I know it and said "world, meet Sara."  I have "met" some incredible ladies through blogging and other social media like Instagram.  Two specific ladies that I'm just sure I could chat into the wee hours of the night with if we ever had a chance to meet in real life.  But for now, our paths have crossed via the world wide web and I don't know really how it happened but I've found myself with two happy mail friends.  

One from California.  One from Missouri. 
My California friend surprised me by sending the MOST perfect book to me on a whim.  It was about glamping.  Glamour camping.  Two words as opposite, beautiful, and exciting as mine and Brett's marriage.  The book was cheerful and thoughtful.   So, I mailed something back.

And then I took an even bigger risk and mailed a REAL letter.  Nothing fancy about it, but a real, written on notebook paper, letter.  It was JUST like Julie and Julia....where Julia and Avis write back and forth.  Wonderful and old-fashioned.

My California friend wrote back.  Again, on real notebook paper, handwritten talk humming.  She wished me blue skies, puffy clouds, and sunshine.  And here in our cold Arkansas winter, we actually had all three of those the day the letter came.  I'm convinced she somehow stuffed her California sunshine into the envelope and made it promise to make it all the way to Arkansas. 
My other happy mail friend is from Missouri.  Come to think of it, she and I go a LONG ways back.  Back to when I had my first Etsy shop open, one attempt out of two to run a handmade business.  I used to make the most cheerful sunshine pins and if I'm remembering correctly, she bought one from me.  Months passed and I found myself in touch with "CJaegar" on my blog and Instagram.  After I wrote the One Word post, she commented that her word was "heart". 

I instantly knew I needed to mail her something.  I water-colored a heart garland, painted some heart rocks, gathered a mug cozy, and created some pretty tags to send.  All matters of the heart.  

In turn, she also sent me something (which was unexpected and unnecessary..but so kind)  Handmade "Boo-Boo Packs", filled with flax seed.  They can be frozen or heated and are perfect for my little active gals.  She also sewed the most beautiful card for me, in my favorite color-yellow.
Blogs, Instagram, and social media get the short end of the stick a lot of days.  I can't even count the number of messages I've read warning against them.  And, just like anything else in this world, too much is too much.  BUT, there is a way to have just enough.  To pop into this space a time or two a day, stick my head out of the window and see how the rest of the world is doing.  To be friends with gals who don't even live in my state.  To anxiously await the mailman coming because this time I know when I open the lid I'll find connections, a hug, a warm "hello!".


  1. Okay...I have goose bumps while reading this post. Isn't it funny how that mailbox can be such a fun connection, and instagram and blogs can be a positive way to share! This has inspired me to keep the happy mail flowing...not just the good intentions to send love through the mail, but actual action! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I just love it. You are a gem.


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