I wasn't going to write this. BUT, my one word post is here.

Have you heard of the "One Word" posts for the new year? 
I read about the idea on Ali Edward's blog a few years back.  The concept was simple, but yet not really.  Pick one word to focus your intentions, life, goals, etc. on for the year.  A centering of sorts.   I didn't jump on the bandwagon until last year. 

Really even that came naturally, it wasn't necessarily intentional.  I wanted a bracelet from a friend's Etsy shop (who will be guest posting here soon!) with a word to remind me of my purpose.  Not just "mom" or "wife" but my unique purpose as Sara Torbett.  The word LIGHT kept showing up, everywhere.  It was practically written on every blank space on the walls around me, it was that evident.  

May your days be merry and BRIGHT.
Let your heart be light. 
This little LIGHT of mine. 
Your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight (Isaiah 58)

Light.  My one word that means so much more than just a strand of cheerful twinkle lights.  What people often don't realize about me and others around them is the darkness that goes hand in hand with the light.  I picked light (or rather it picked me) not because my life is void of darkness.  I picked it because my behind-the-scenes and real life minutes are ticking away at darkness.  It's God's light that stops the natural way of time and shows me a different way to live, see, photograph, and love.  It's as if God has invited me to throw back the curtains and let the sunshine in.  And on the days when I'm bathed in sunlight, share it.  On the days I've barely stepped my big toe into the sunlight, share God's love still.  By being authentic and real with no hidden agendas with people other than to show them the love of Jesus.  This is so much easier said than done. 

And I suppose that's another reason "light" means so much to me.  In the young mom and blogging world I often look at those with a spotlight and think they're doing something to be "successful" I'm not.  Did you know my happiest, most sun-drenched days are the ones where I let my actions speak volumes about God's story....and that's it?  I usually have it all backwards.  I think to live a life of light I need to do more, be more, be seen more.  The truth is when I arise and love my children well and say yes to the promptings of Jesus to ALL in my path (even the store clerks), I'm light-filled and light-filled opportunities come along and surprise me with buckets of sunshine. 

In the last month I've had TWO huge, enormous opportunities come my way,
but they came when the light wasn't so bright and warm in my everyday life. 
When I would have traded these great opportunities in a heartbeat if it meant I could keep those around me from hurting.   Light always has a dark side, a back story.  I wish to be like a story-teller leaving a trail of photos, words, and musings on a path for others to be inspired by.  To show what's behind the light-filled, celebratory creative opportunities.  To turn on the light for someone stuck in a very dark room.  To be the friend who will sit with a face toward the warm sunlight, a hand held.  

What's your one word and why? 

How can the Rosy Life bring you more "light" in the upcoming year?
I'd love to hear.


  1. Dear Sarah - I just happened to stumble upon your blog today when I did a google search for "happy mail exchange". You see I am a blogger too and had decided today that I wanted to do something like this and post it on my blog. I was looking for ideas. Right now after reading your blog post I feel very blessed and attribute my being here to God. He always has a way of doing things like that to me - something so gentle and soft that you might not even notice that it is from Him. But I do notice. I realize that I was meant to find your blog and be inspired. I love this post. Thank you for your words. As a blogger of 2+ years now I daily struggle with the whys - why are others getting more attention than me for doing just about the same thing while I don't seem to get much attention at all? Your words spoke to me. I needed to hear what you had to say.
    I plan on taking the time to read more of your posts and enjoy your pictures. If you are so inclined, come and visit me back. My blog address is http://kayteejaneshouse.blogspot.com. I am also on Instagram (if you do that as well) under kayteejaneshouse. If you don't mind I think I am going to borrow some of your ideas for your happy mail exchange too.
    Blessings - Katie

    1. Hi Katie! It is such a pleasure to meet you. :) I'm glad you were blessed by my blog and feel free to borrow the happy mail idea! I'm glad you mentioned it because I need to do another one I think :) (even though I said I wouldn't, but I think I should change my mind, lol) I'll see ya on IG :)

  2. Hi Sara. My word is Heart...take care of my heart, take care of who is in my heart, give from the heart, listen to my heart.
    You are doing an amazing job with your writing. I love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh I adore your word. Heart. That is just lovely and your words made me think. Thank-you friend!

  3. Love your choice for your word. Yes, being at home with your kids - you are a beautiful light to them, too. It's often thankless, but will make a great difference in their lives. My word for the year is TRUST. It came to me a few months ago. This year will bring some big changes to me with my oldest daughter graduating, and she's on a waiting list for a college, etc. So God told me that ALL is in His hands, and I am to completely TRUST Him throughout this year. It will all work out according to His plan. I'm so very thankful to have HIM. He is worthy of our trust! God bless you! Rachel


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