Snow day: Black and White (Truth and a Dare)

We're at the end of the most gorgeous session of snow days.  The weather men predicted it and we came expecting it.  Snow was 'a comin'.  And maybe even ice.  Can I admit how selfish and worldly I was and how hard I prayed our power wouldn't go off?  
The power didn't go off, which I was very thankful for.  We live "out" according to most people who live in NWA and so we're the last on the list to get help if we lose electricity.  Brett told me during the ice storm a few years back it took two weeks before power was restored! Yikes.  
The first snow day I was itching to get out and take pictures.  Alone.  After a semi-traumatic morning trying to get both girls out in the wonderful white fluff by myself I knew I needed to wait until I had a minute alone to capture all its glory.  As soon as they went down for naps I crept outside, camera in hand.  I captured many pictures, but today I want to share the opposite of my norm. 
Black and white.

Normally I am such a color enthusiast.  To the point I get teased for painting everything.  I'm surprised I don't bleed rainbow colors.  I just love it.  But something about the stark contrast between the bright white snow and the dark shadows of trees, branches, and fences got to me this day. 

I couldn't shake it. I was fascinated with black and white.  The quietness of it all.  The strength of the pictures.

And then my eyes landed on this special picture.  I like to think of it as viewing my own unique snow globe.  It's precious.  Like a little moment frozen in time, that I know years from now I'll ache for. 

Todays truth is that sometimes the opposite of what we constantly fix our minds on is exactly what we need.  I've needed the black and white quiet strength of the snow days, nestled inside.  "Stuck" so my Master could wipe the slate of my mind clean and begin to write a new story for the new year. 

Try pursuing an opposite today, even if it is as simple as switching to black and white photos over color.


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