A birthday party for Betsy Grace

Yeah!! I finally have a "Make Merry" post!  If you all only knew how many party/entertaining ideas float around in my head.  Like, it's a lot.  With Miss Betsy Grace's birthday I knew we needed to tailor it to her personality, which meant an itty-bitty party.  She just doesn't enjoy a crowd typically, so decided to keep the gathering small. 
I decorated using a wood slice my sweet husband cut for me with the chainsaw (go real men), and a collection of little things I already had on hand.  I wanted the theme to look vintage and pastel.  The only thing I bought was the tiny deer ornament I found at Target.  
Betsy thoroughly enjoyed tearing into her cake! I made the cake but bought the icing/sprinkles.  
The garland behind her was made from a vintage sheet.  
All in all, a sweet little moment celebrating our bright-eyed Betsy Grace! 

Do you enjoy planning parties? Why or why not?


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