I journaled! Whoohoo-the creativity is back! (PAGES series)

Y'all, I just have to be honest, like seriously honest.  A week or so ago I was thinking about this lovely little PAGES series I'd started on the blog and inwardly groaning.  Thinking, why oh why did I start something I surely don't want to finish?  

Isn't that dramatic? :) The truth was I just wasn't "feeling it".  I didn't feel like running into my craft room like a crazy lady just to snatch a few minutes to cut, paste, and glue pages together.

And then our lovely snow days happened.  In case you aren't aware, our section of Arkansas (and maybe all of Arkansas?!) got some major snow.  We're talking stay in the house for six days straight snow.  And suddenly, the idea of being shut in my craft room was just lovely.  I knew I had days on end to complete my chores and to do list  So, I felt freed up to journal.  
And journal away I did.  I created these pages in just a couple of days and loved every minute.

I showed these pages to Brett and after he showed a bit of enthusiasm (remember most things I'm into he doesn't get at  all) he said "What do you do with them?" 

lol. So if you're asking that too, my answer is you enjoy them, for fun. I create because it relaxes me and makes me a better mama.  It's fun for me. I enjoy having thoughts and pictures documented for this season of life.  I'd hate to look back and only have snippets of memories here and there. 

These pages are my story. 
Do you art journal?


  1. This post is great! I'm glad you shared!! I've never done this...as we've talked about...and admittedly my thought process was just exactly like Brett's. LOL! But, I clicked on some of the pictures and could see the details better - what fun and realistic and motivating ideas all together in a lovely arrangement. So thank you for sharing!

    1. Go for it Sydnee!!! I really think you'll enjoy journaling :)


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