How is it with two babies?

Two babies.
Something I get asked about a lot. 
People lean in curiously, wanting to know what it's like having TWO versus one. 
I could write a novel on this. 
Let me start by saying I am a twin.  So two babies is very, very normal to me.  I always tell Brett I clearly wasn't made to be alone. I like fellowship, I love being a twin.  It's a built-in best friend kind of thing.  I can't comprehend NOT sharing things or experiencing things with others.  The idea of being an only child is foreign to me.  And so, two babies.....very normal sounding to me. 

Brett and I also knew from the start that we wanted more than one baby.  And so this desire for another baby came along when Anna Ruth was still very little.  We had Betsy Grace and I am so, so, SO glad we did.  
Two babies is harder than one. 
With one baby, I could easily have Brett watch Anna Ruth and get a "break"......
or Anna Ruth would play by herself for a minute and I could sit and drink my coffee. 
Not so with two little gals.  Because one might be playing quietly while I do that (maybe) but the other one is likely needing help, asking me a question, or being ornery.  
When I hear these reasons for not wanting more children I want to wave my flag of celebration in honor of my Betsy Grace.    Our children are not an inconvenience to us.  They aren't dream-stealers, joy-takers, schedule-interrupters.  They are tiny, precious bundles of joy, curiosity, and yes-orneriness.  

Two babies means it takes twice as long to do things,
but it also means double the amount of eyes that light up. 

It means squabbles over toys,
and lessons learned about sharing and giving that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Two babies means built-in friends,
two unique personalities,
two extra-special people to love on.

Four hands to hold,
two bodies to hug,
four sweet cheeks to kiss.
I'm so thankful for the type of family God has put on our hearts.
I'm reminded today to view my children as the blessings they are. 


  1. I have 5 children including twin boys who are now 17 years old. I could write a book too. Your high chair pictures look so similar to mine. They loved their food or at least playing with it. I had two boys. Potty training was not good. They played then too. They would stand across from each other and shoot at each other. Do you know what I mean? This went on from 2 to 4 or 5 years old. They would just laugh and laugh.
    May God Continue to bless you and your precious family!
    Diane Roark

    1. Diane, thank-you so much for sharing some memories about your own family! I just laughed and laughed at your potty training story. What ornery times :)


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