Art for an artist. (Homespun Happiness series)

I got up this morning and went to see what blog post was coming up today.  It's not that it should be a surprise to me, I am the author of this blog after all!  But usually I add pictures into posts here and there,  way ahead of time and then go back and add the words.

The words are where I've been lazy.  The pictures are easy for me. My mind and eyes see, my finger clicks.  Done.  The words though....those require me to wake from my slumber and think. 

We are snowed in, as is everyone else around us.  People are complaining left and right about cabin fever and going "stir-crazy".  Not here.  Part of the difference is that as a stay-at-home mom there are no vacation days. The snow isn't interrupting my upcoming summer vacation.  

Plus my body has just been on rest mode the last week or two.  It's the cold weather and warm fires I think.  I feel like an old bear, ready to stay warm and full and hibernate and rest.  So that's just what we've been doing.  The girls and I have played and played....and then played some more.  

I've lingered over coffee, read books that made me think, and created art.  
And prayed about art and being an artist.  Given thought to how we are so much more than just empty shells, doing chore after chore.  We are living, breathing, vessels for God's creativity, power, and passion to race through. 

And so, I created this art while having these thoughts.  They're lingering thoughts, combined with a book or two I'm reading that aren't just good entertainment for my mind for now.  They're a change a comin'.  A revolution of sorts.  

Today's Homespun Happiness comes with a bit of a back story I suppose. Let's make art, shall we?

To create this piece I first pressed a toilet paper roll down in paint and then stamped it on white cardstock.  I let this dry and then colored the sections in with crayon.  Last, I stenciled the word "Artist" on top and colored it in with black sharpie.  The sharpie didn't cover the crayon sections as well as I would have liked at first.  But then I decided that I kind of liked the effect it gave the letters. 

We're snowed in again today folks, will you make art?