Snow Day: In COLOR

And I'm back.  In full Sara mode. 
You didn't reallllly think I only captured the snow in black and white did you? 
As beautiful and breath-taking and moving as it was, the color also popped brilliantly against the natural white background.  Of course I had to capture that too. 
A little word about our snow days. 
After a day or two I heard complaining galore about being stuck in.  I admit to having one day where I felt very, very tired of entertaining the girls constantly.  But, we were in for six days straight.  (minus the trip to the local gas station restaurant)  And I enjoyed it. 
We played all sorts of activities, like puzzles, blocks, and slides.  We zoomed toy cars, made cookies twice, read books, sat by the fire, and watched extra cartoons.  We snuggled.  We danced.  Listened to Christmas music.  Made lots and lots of art. Played in water and bubbles.  Played in bowls of snow.  Art journaled.  
We enjoyed the slower pace of life as I believe God intended it.  I even read a book! (more on that later)

Anna Ruth was super brave girl and went sledding, by HERSELF! I was so proud! I honestly thought Brett was going to jump on the sled with her and was left standing there, with my mouth gaping open when he pushed her down by herself.  She got to the bottom and immediately said "That was fun!" with a huge grin.  So proud. 

And on a sidenote, I went down once by myself (and hollered the whole way because it's fun to act like you're five) and Betsy Grace HATES to be away from me so she screamed in Brett's arms the whole sled ride.  LOL :)  Memories...

Do you enjoy snow days?


  1. okay girlie, next time it snows, you better get that wagon out in it and fill it with something fun like wood or something so you can take a picture for my collection! Would love a christmas/winter collection of Sara postcards!


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