I'm warning you...this post has photo overload.  These are my favorite kinds of blog posts-the ones made up of the random, real life moments of our life.  Not so scripted....just snippets captured here and there that never made it to the blog or instagram.   I love these pictures...they write a really beautiful story in my mind of the rich life God has provided us with.  They show how we are living victory instead of defeat.  Even though situations in and out of our control have tried to bring defeat to our family.  Our God is good friends! 

Now, let's jump in to those photos....

Sink play for Anna....
loved it just as much as when she was a little one.
Betsy's into EVERYTHING Anna Ruth is.
 flowers to say thanks.....
 first chalk experience for Bets! 
 "Hold on Betsy!" 
 These two........
ornery, ornery, ornery.  

Always lots of art in our house.
 First time coloring! 
 Popcorn and Curious George movie on Halloween.....
time with just me and Anna.
 How I handle doctor's visits with both girls :) 

 Inspiration for Betsy's first birthday...
bare feet because she will not. leave. her. sock and shoes. ON! 
side by side kitchen play...
 Minnie Mouse, who decided she didn't want to be Minnie the actual night of Halloween. :)
 Early morning smiles after a rough night of sleep. WE can do this day! :) 
 Ribs on the back deck with Brett....
 Holding sleeping Betsy Grace on the train at Silver Dollar City...
 At least I look happy!!
 Forts with glowy lights.....
 My little owl.
 Those teeth!! That grin!! 

 First carousel ride at Silver Dollar City! 
She trembled at first but then loved it :) 
 Rock star concert.

and as Anna Ruth says "Raise the hands Detsy!" 

Raise the hands indeed sister.  This is the good life.