Now what? Choosing a theme for your PAGES

Have you joined in with the art journaling series I'm doing?  Sometimes it's rather lonely on this side of the screen because I don't know if anyone else is interested in the ideas I'm posting or not.  But as the great Julia Child once said "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."  And this my friends, is something I am tremendously excited about. 
So you all know how much I love creating and jumping right into projects.  But I'll admit, this art journaling even had me stumped at first.  I had all my pages assembled (catch up here!), a ton of magazine clippings and other supplies but just didn't know where to start.  I mean, what was I supposed to do with it now? 

So, I decided to think of one theme and gather pictures and words that related to it.  For this particular theme I was thinking about this autumn and how rich and lovely it's been.  Anything that had kind of an orangey/yellow color scheme or words that reminded me of where I am personally this autumn I chose.  I laid it all out on the counter like this, before I ever made my first page.
It was much, much easier to choose from these items to create a few pages than look at ALL my supplies at once.  Here's a look at the pages I ended up creating. 

Some are left with extra room to write, like this particular one.  I can always go back later and write down my thoughts.

See, that wasn't so hard!  
My only criteria for myself is that I must make each page to the best of my ability and LET GO of perfectionism.  No being too hard on myself! 

These pics were taken with my phone because I'm working on this journal most often at night or for a few minutes while the girls nap.  It's such an easy little breather to fit in.  

So tell me-are you art journaling yet?