Assembling an Art Journal (PAGES series)

Hi there!  I'm so excited about the possibilities presented in this PAGES series....
Are you into art journaling?  Or at least intrigued?  
We are all such story-tellers.  I am truly fascinated by people.  I think we all have a marvelous story to our lives.  And art journaling is an awesome way to record it.  That's no disrespect to the fast-paced blogging world.  But when I art journal....I adore.  I adore the moments that are heaven on earth, instead of focusing on the earthly moments that aren't heavenly  at all.  I see the hand of God in my journal pages, a thread connecting one graceful moment after another.  
And it is with that conviction that I hope you'll jump on board and create your own journal.  Last week we talked about gathering the supplies you'll need for your own journal.  Of course you can feel free to stick as close to the list as you want....or stray as far away also.  Today I want to show you how to create your pages so that you'll be ready to create the layouts on top.  Basically, you're creating mini canvases that you'll layer things on top of later.  

The first way you can cover your cardboard pages is with scrapbook paper, found at any crafts store.  I brushed a thin layer of ModgePodge (a white craft glue, found at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Target, or Joann's) onto the cardboard and then glued the paper on.  Next I trimmed the paper to fit the cardboard.  
I used the same method of gluing to adhere old hymnal pages to some of the cardboard as well.  I found the hymnal at a thrift store.
I also decided to leave some of the cardboard pages plain because I like the look...
and last, I painted some of the cardboard pages with regular acrylic craft paint.  You can paint each page fully, or just paint shapes  and patterns here and there like I did.  
See, wasn't that easy?!  And now, we're ready to begin the really fun part-making the art journal! 

Whether you choose plain, paper, or painted pages,
I can't wait to see what you're up to. 
Email me a pic ( if you've jumped on board!