Craft Room Tour

Welcome to my craft room, come on in!
When Brett and I first started looking at house plans I knew immediately that I wanted a craft room.  Back then I wasn't a mama yet and still teaching fourth-grade.  I crafted some, but hadn't fully awakened my deep love and passion for art/creativity like now.  Perhaps it was God whispering in my ear consistently enough for me to listen because I still knew I would need this room. 

And boy was I right.  I remember after Anna Ruth was first born and I woke super early to paint a chalkboard yellow.  It was one of my first DIY projects for this house and still a memory I have now, every detail etched.  It was one of the first times I realized what a connection art, creativity, my soul, and God had.  I can truly say there's been no looking back since then.  
I don't consider myself some kind of major artist.  I just do what my mind tells me to do, I walk and dance where my soulful feet lead.  I listen to my God, follow His prompts, see the world through His eyes for me....and art happens. 

It goes without say (but I'll say it anyway) that I lOVE my craft room.  It's by far my most favorite room in the house.  My own little mini retreat room.  
I'm slowly figuring out a "schedule" (I don't like that word, but for all you Type A personalities I'll type it) :),  that works for me to make sure I get time in here....because it's where I pursue my dreams and worship my God.  Both girls wake early and Anna sleeps for about an hour each day.  So, in winter-that's my time at least a few days a week, to get in the craft room.  I blog, edit photos, craft, journal......

Coffee and/or hot tea are regulars here.....and sometimes treats too ;) 
I like that my supplies are all within easy reach....
and that the walls, nooks, and crannies are filled to the brim with what makes me happy. 
I suppose this room is a rather simple place, much like my thinking a lot of times-
I see something, I like it, I hang it. :) 

That bowl on the left holds heart rocks...... :) 

This is my hiding place. I love to go in here at night, turn on Parenthood or some good music 
and craft the night away.  I may not do a lot of things well....but I know I was made to create. 

What about you? 

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  1. I love it!!! Every maker needs a space to create. Thanks for sharing yours! Now, I must get some twinkle lights and make some bunting for my craft room. That is really FUN!

  2. one day I am going to see this space in person!

  3. Wow! Your room is such a happy space! Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous studio. Love the banners and lights. Such a happy looking space.


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