Thrifty. (Truth and a DARE)

Truth: I love thrifting.  It happens to be a very convenient hobby right now, seeing as we are living on one income.  I can honestly say though, even if we were raking in the dough from both directions, I'd still thrift.  Perhaps that makes me cheap.  Most times though when I see something expensive I just wonder why I would want to spend that much.  If it's something whose value truly is determined by the price I'm ok with it.  Things like a new camera (slowly saving for..), a computer, and maybe a great pair of jeans all sound like reasonable things to me for spending more.    Of course, I DO love a good DIY project and so that fans the flame for my thrifting fun also.  Take these items for example...
Just a tiny sample of my thrift store finds lately.  I happened to find these at 50% off, which made my frugal self even happier!  After the sale price, the mug was $.25, the ribbon $.50, and the fabric (which is really a long curtain), $.50

Let's give these items a chance.....and a second look.  Because I get it-you might walk into a thrift store and be overwhelmed by the junk that can sometimes squeeze itself in among the more exciting finds.   I keep an eye out for several things when I shop and one of the main categories are supplies.  I consider anything that can be cut up, sewn, or used to decorate with in a variety of ways a supply.  

The ribbon above can be used for packaging gifts, scrapbooking, embellishing a glass jar, hanging hoop art, making a pin....I could go on and on! I loved the color so that's why I bought it.  I don't purchase every spool of ribbon I see. 

The mug I purchased because I adored the size and flower is used in my home now and hopefully for craft retreats later.

And last the curtain/fabric.  My eyes noticed the print and color hanging on the rack and I went to have a closer look.  I saw it was less than a dollar and knew I couldn't find fabric cheaper than that.  What a great find!  Since this is such a large piece of fabric I can use it as a tablecloth, photo backdrop, or cut it up for various projects. 

DARE: This week, try to at least step foot into a thrift store!  If you're not a crafter/DIYer, try browsing the books or dishes just to see what it's like.  If you are so inclined to create, keep an eye out for pieces (like the fabric above) that can be used for many purposes!

Email me ( or send me a pic on Facebook if you score some great finds!