We are a country song, hay bale jumpin' and all.

One Sunday afternoon Brett asked his mom if she would take the little girls to the "Sister's Meeting" that night for a bit....Sister's Meeting is where my mom-in-law gets together with her sisters every Sunday evening.  She readily agreed and Brett and I stayed behind to have a farm date.
We drove around on the Ranger, enjoying the freedom to look around our great, marvelous farm (instead of trying to make sure the girls don't fall out!)  
I am always keeping my eyes out for hidden treasures on the farm.  I spotted this heart rock WAY far away and asked Brett to stop. He was surprised I was even able to see it.  He captured a rare, serious look on my face.  
And then THIS happened.  Brett wanted me to JUMP on hay bales.  Oh my word, I did not want to do this!  I am semi scared of heights....not on roller coasters or anything.  Just in situations where it comes to my own legs being the mode of transportation for the height.  Somehow Brett hoisted me up on the bale (the BIG round bales) and thank goodness no one drove by and saw us! 

Then, I "jumped" (I'm using that term loosely here) from bale to bale a few times.  

We took a stop by the pond also....
and wished we had our fishing poles. 

(See why I said we are a country song?)

Afterwards we drove into town to get a quick cup of coffee.
There was nothing fancy about this date, but it was really fun.  
Just us, being us. 
Dreaming about our future on the farm,
excited to show others how good the homemade/handmade life can be. 

What was your most recent favorite date?  


  1. I love moments like this. Some of the best conversations my husband and I have had are in the car, no kids, just driving back roads. We get to singing an old song or laughing about something and it's almost like old times, before we were serious parents with responsibilities :)

    We have a farm too (we call it the funny farm). It's small and we only have 2 horses, 1 rabbit and 2 dogs, but we have a barn with hay, so it qualifies :)


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