I dare you to take a picture. (Truth and a DARE series)

 Today's truth and a dare is brought to you with confidence. 
With an urging! 
You all know how much I love photography.   It just makes me feel something.  It's not really the photo...it's what's IN the photos.  I believe we were made to feel.  The camera can capture a feeling and  even though a photo isn't a living/breathing story it sure has something to say. 
 The truth is that a lot of people will go through life missing the pleasure of photography because of fear.  They're afraid their pictures aren't good enough or worthy enough.  I know, I've been there too (and am STILL there a lot of days--grrrrrrrrr)

Have you ever had that moment where you've captured something glorious in your eyes and then you see a friend's picture and immediately begin criticizing yours?  Surely I'm not just preaching to myself here. :)  Well, I want to challenge that.  
 The truth is-no one on the entire planet has eyesight like yours.  Your eyes come with a unique set of values, thoughts, stories, feelings, and ideas in which you view the world.  Your lense to the world is rare.  
 Something else that stops us/me in our tracks is the big DSLR.  I love my "real" camera and aim to get better and better at taking pictures with it.  But in my real life, day to day moments the phone is often what gets used.  Especially now.  I went months feeling guilty for "just" taking a picture with my phone.  But then Betsy Grace started crawling and getting into EVERYTHING and I just realized I didn't have time to run for the big camera every time I wanted to snap a photo.  

And so I gave myself permission to use my phone.  
These pictures were all taken at the breakfast table with Anna Ruth while Betsy Grace took her morning nap.  It is JUST the kind of memory I want to look back on this season of life and have.  Time for two at the table.  Just us, working away on our journals.  Having sweet little conversations, always observing what's outside...sights and sounds both.  Me-drinking two cups of coffee (one for each girl-ha!).  Saying our "thank-you Jesus" prayers for the day.  

My DARE to you this week is to TAKE SOME PHOTOS! Just do it.
If you're feeling reallllly brave you could always post one on Facebook, or email it to me! 
I'd love to see. :)