Fabric and Bead Necklace DIY (Homespun Happiness)

How are your Homespun Happiness crafts coming?  
I am loving this series! 
Can I say that? 
I hope it doesn't sound tacky considering I'm the one WRITING the series. 
I just mean that it's been really fun for me to challenge myself to actually MAKE something at least once a week.  It doesn't have to involve 1,000 steps or fancy materials.   Just jump in and create!

This little necklace is cute and takes just a few minutes to make!  No sewing or gluing required.  My favorite kind of project.  I found this really cute polka dot fabric at our local Wal-Mart, and gathered some beads and yarn from my craft supplies.  
Next I cut the fabric into a LONG strip and placed the beads in the middle.  I twisted the fabric around the beads to hold them inside (like a piece of candy would be secured inside the wrapper) and tied the yarn around the edges.  

And that was it!  All done with a cute necklace that my girls can see and I don't have to worry about it breaking.  I "modeled" it for you in my mom clothes :) but think it would be even cuter with a simple sweater or button-up! 

(and since it's Christmas season, why not make a few for friends?)


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