We're going on a leaf hunt (ADORN series)

Well folks and friends, today starts the arrival of my new series for the blog!  I had an idea a while back for FIVE new little series to introduce and you'll be seeing the debut of ADORN today, and then Homespun Happiness, Pages, and Truth and a Dare next week!  Stay tuned! 

 This autumn has really outdone herself.  The trees, the leaves, the pumpkins, the color! Everywhere I look a new burst of color, so incredibly rich.  I just don't remember a fall this vibrant in a long, long time.  The girls and I are embracing this beautiful pocket of time before winter strips the trees bare.  It's like stepping into a whole 'nother land, a Narnia effect.
 We've been getting out on the farm more by ourselves, the girls and I.  Anna Ruth gets to sit in the passenger seat and Betsy Grace gets buckled up in Anna's seat in the back.  Both girls are thrilled!  We drive slow, talk even slower, and take in the beauty that is our farm.  We're country folk and we wouldn't have it any other way.  We live the good life.
 I didn't want the magic of the fall leaves to simply be something we took in with one sense, our eyes.  We are blessed with so many senses, I say let's dive in and utilize them all!  Why wouldn't we want to walk closer to the tree and touch and smell the leaves?   So, we walked closer and gathered.
(and for the record, I almost didn't put this picture on here because I could easily pick myself apart and find physical flaws that probably aren't even there.  But I told myself to get over it and post it anyway) :)

 I pulled down this little branch for Anna Ruth and we pretended like it was her umbrella.  I captured all her glory........pretending and imagining away.  

 Betsy Grace was content to watch from the cars, as long as there were these things to hang onto and cows to moo at. 
This was one of my favorite afternoons with the girls.  Doesn't God provide a beautiful world for us? He is good, good, good folks. 

(What are you doing to add even more beauty to this autumn?)


  1. What a fun adventure! I just love getting out and enjoying the everyday delights and treats that God has in store for us.

    1. Me too friend! I saw you across the church yesterday with your adorable gal.....you looked beautiful. :)


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