Fabric Hoop Photo and Memo Holder (Homespun Happiness series)

Seriously how long and boring is that title?! I stink at blog titles.  I always feel like they're the "front door" or first impression of a blog post.  And I don't like that because I can't ever write clever enough words that are equivalent to hanging a wreath.  I always just want to swing the door open wide and say come on in and read the post. :) 

Today is the first edition of Homespun Happiness, a series all about crafting and making. For all levels of "crafters" and those who run and hide when a glue gun is pulled out.  This lovely little series will debut every Monday and will hopefully give you some great ideas for yourself, craft nights, or even Christmas gifts! 

If you've been around for a while then you may remember when I made a photo wreath of sorts, out of a large embroidery hoop, wire, and photos.  If not, you can see a picture of it here.

I love hanging photos and loved the wreath.  And then I saw an idea on Instagram that made me want to give it another makeover!  A hoop wrapped in fabric, with fabric tied in the middle. Easy and brilliant!  All of the credit for this goes to My Paper Pinwheel's blog :) , not me.  I asked her permission to recreate her hoop she posted and she said YES!  So, here we are. 

This hoop is a BIG one, purchased at Joann's (in the quilting section I think....and use your 40% off coupon that comes in the mail. Or, if you're not a regular crafter, visit the Hobby Lobby website and print their coupon for 40% off and buy one there!) 

The fabric was all that's left of my favorite stash.  To make this I cut long, thin strips of fabric and wrapped them around the outside of the hoop first. I didn't use any glue or wire, I just held onto the fabric with both hands and wrapped it as tightly as I could. 

Next, I cut more thin strips of fabric and tied two together, making one long piece.  Then, the long pieces got tied around each side of the hoop, making a memo board.  Last, I clipped some favorite photos (pre-Betsy Grace, I need to add some of her soon!) and was done! 

This craft is definitely homespun happiness because is there anything happier than seeing your memories in photos?  I highly encourage you to print some out today!  I like Shutterfly (online), or you can even send them on via the computer to your local Walgreens!  
Also, I did this project while visiting with Brett and watching t.v. :)  It doesn't get any easier than that!  If the size of the hoop intimidates you, you could always try a little hoop and clip little notes or quotes on it instead! 

Happy Crafting! 
If you make one of these, I'd be delighted if you'd send me a picture.