Recycled Painted Leaves

This post is a bit of a funny one for me......if one of the most exhausting days ever qualifies as "funny" that is.  We had a night where no one slept well....and we've had so many of those lately I can't even remember the reason of this particular instance.  (and this is where I think we might as well laugh about this)  I woke up the next morning, insistent that we were going to carry on and have fun anyway.  I'd cut up a bunch of cardboard food boxes the day before for a new journal I'm starting.  

I decided to cut out leaf shapes from the scraps and paint them. 
Easy, no pattern needed.  Pick your favorite shape and simply start cutting!  These would be fantastic to cut out while watching t.v. or listening to music too.  Am I the only one that finds it incredibly therapeutic to use a pair of scissors?  
And that's it!  Cut and paint.  
Anna Ruth got in on the fun for a few minutes....I pressed her leaves down on contact paper to they would stay put.  She got paint on her hands and was done within a few minutes but she did enjoy herself for a while at least! 
I enjoyed myself for more than a while after the girls were in bed by finishing the leaves!  I can't even tell you why, but this was thoroughly enjoyable to me.  I used lines, squares, dots, and all sorts of different swirls and such to paint the leaves.  So fun.  
Afterwards I decided to string them up behind our couch.  The brown paper bag flower is one that's been in our house practically since we moved in.  You can find the tutorial for the photo wreath here!

I loved this project so much it inspired another painted one..coming up on the blog soon! 
Happy painting!