Anna Ruth...

Anna Ruth,
You are something else sweet girl.  Since the beginning you've staked your claim in the world with anything but ordinary. You were a mover and a shaker from the very start and haven't slowed down since.  You still have that same serious scowl that others might perceive as unfriendly. But I adore.  It's who you are and a regular expression of your thoughts.  You're sweet as candy.....or sugar, which you tell me "makes my tummy feel good!"  

You don't like sleep and fight it for all you're worth.  Still.  Mama and Dada are wondering if you'll ever settle in to the wonderful sensation of a good night's rest.  

You are the smartest little girl I could imagine.  You talk in complete sentences all day long. Big, grown-up sentences.  It hardly seems possible you're only 2 to be talking so much.  You count to 10 and can say your alphabet.  (with a jumbled string of letters in the middle).
You are Dada's girl and that is all-right with me.  A couple of weeks ago you told Dada and I for the first time "I love you". 
 You love: spinning, jumping, squealing, the cows, tractor, truck and ranger rides, Nana, "addles" (apples), art journaling, school, your playgroup friends, Curious George, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, music, audio books, golf balls, gardening, books, your play kitchen, cars and trucks, chalk, your tricycle and wagon, Uncle Jack, salty things, using your fork all by yourself, sleeping with mom and dad (we sometimes love this too), brushing your teeth, playing dress-up, being creative, the park and library, and quiche from The Little Bread Company. 
You ask us "Where'd you came from?"  or "Which one IS it?" and all sorts of questions, all day long.  You call me "Mahnee" and it makes my heart sing and dance every time you say it.  You love to point out all the spots you know anytime we hit the road to go somewhere-like the lake, Tractor Supply, Harps, the grocery store, the bank, gas stations, etc. 

You love Betsy Grace but still like to boss her sometimes, saying "No, Detsy, No!"  Someday you girls will become best friends, I just know it.  

You adore your playhouse Dada made you and being outside is your favorite.  You don't like getting your hands dirty and prefer things clean and organized.. You are the mini me of your Daddy.

Although you love things "plain" (plain toast, plain ice-cream, plain waffles), you are anything but.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you......
to the stars and back. 


  1. Sooo sweet! Made me tear up a little. I am working on my one-year post for my little Scooter Britches but every time I start it, I get emotional and can't continue with it. Who knew these little girls would come along and steal our hearts like this? That Anna Ruth is one beautiful little girl!


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