Marble Run

One of our top favorite shows around here is Curious George.  At first I let Anna Ruth watch it because it seemed like a safe option and you just really can't tell with "kids" cartoons these days.  I've come to honestly enjoy a good episode of Curious George.  Have you ever really listened to that show?  It's full of problem solving and creative thinking.  Which is how we arrived at this little contraption.

Anna Ruth adores marbles, or "mardles" as she calls them.  I bought some one day at Wal-Mart because I thought they'd look cute displayed in a jar.  And, as the story usually goes around here, Anna Ruth asked if she could see them and I said yes.  After watching her get far more enjoyment out of them than a glass jar would I let her have a box of marbles to get out occasionally.  To her, it's better than candy. :)

One morning I got in on the fun.  I used a Diet Coke bottle (20 oz.), and cookie cutter tube taped to the laundry basket to make a mini marble run.  We both had a blast poking the marbles through the bottle and watching where they would roll afterwards.

Afterwards Anna Ruth had fun using her tin container as a drum. 

Childhood sure is fun around here.