Phone pics. Oh, the randomness.

Do you snap random pics on your phone? I do. Like crazy.  There's just too many moments in our days I want to remember but don't want to lug the big camera out for.  So I happily capture away and then come home and try to make sense out of my random mix of pictures.  Try to find a common thread to bind them all together with fancy words and such.  And usually it just can't be done.  

Today, it can't be done.  No fancy words here. Just pure fun. 

Beauty, and first drawings of mama.

Snacks and stories. 
The cat. (Bee-Bop, or "Dee-Dop" as Anna says)
Avocados and delicious food. Always food.  

Big girl outfit and school days. 
Trips to Barnes and Noble,
and exploring in Fayetteville.

Golden views.

Friend keepers.

Nothing fancy on it's own,
but everything fancy when put all together. 
fancy, rich, and tasty living.