Betsy Grace

Betsy Grace.......our sweet, rambunctious gal.  Our mama's girl.  Jolly laugher, hand-clapper.

Betsy is 10 months old now and still not crawling.  It doesn't bother me near as much as it does everyone else.  (look around people, do you see any adults crawling? She'll get there).  With Anna, I proudly joined the "Milestone Mafia" sarcastic name for the parents who wear their child's accomplishments like a badge.  But with Betsy I've learned that we really don't have all that much to do with how quickly a baby does something.  And Betsy is definitely doing things on her own time.  She crawls backwards and spins around on her belly. 
Betsy has also started clapping recently.  She likes to make whisper sounds at the cat, and squawks loud when she sees any kind of animal.  She loves the cows and isn't afraid of them at all, even when they get close.  She doesn't really have a favorite toy.  She'd much rather be out on the farm, riding around in the truck or on the ranger.  Diving for the steering wheel is her most favorite, even when we're going fast, fast, fast.  

She's a snuggler.  The biggest sign she's tired is sucking her thumb...
she still watches everything Anna Ruth does.  

She loves food and is a great eater.  We don't really do baby food.....she just eats whatever we have, happily.  
As long as Betsy has her mama, dada, or Nana around-she's all-right.  She's still learning to be ok around other people.  She loves her jumparoo and would much rather bounce through life than walk (for right now at least).  "Uh-oh" was her first word....and she's learned what a fun game it can be to throw something on the floor repeatedly and see how many times mama will "fetch" it. :)

She's a wild one....squawking out sounds that make us laugh.
She likes smiling at strangers at the grocery store and loves riding in carts.

She's just wonderful.  I sometimes hear people say they don't want a second baby because of the work...or the fact they just got used to one, or they just got their life back.

We got a whole new kind of life when Betsy Grace arrived.  A better than before life.
I'm so glad she's doubled the work, I mean do you see that face?  That's heavenly work.....I delight in Betsy Grace.  She's my heaven on earth.
(and for the record-you can totally still have a "life" with two babies, I'm just sayin'.  They are the best kind of life)


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