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Did you come expecting a montage of cute, stylish outfit pics?

Well, if so you came to the wrong place. :)    Something I didn't know (along with the other 10 million things) before getting pregnant was how many types and sizes of clothing I would need over the next couple of years.  Maternity clothes, "big" clothes for after having the baby, clothes that allow for nursing....I could go on.  What I'm really getting at is style has taken a back seat to function the last three years (I was pregnant again when Anna was only 8 months old, remember!)
But now, for the first time in a while I'm getting to dress for me.  Just me.  Of course I still end up looking like a dirty tablecloth after a summer picnic most evenings because Betsy Grace is at the messy baby stage.  Also, I've decided I'm a glasses gal.  I realized I was putting contacts in to only take them out a few hours later due to headaches.  That's a new thing since being a eyes are drier than normal on a daily basis (but wetter than ever when it comes to my gals, they have my heart). And really, I love my glasses so they're here to stay. "My little blogger" Brett always says. Haha. 

Something really nice and freeing about turning 30 and being a mama to two is I know exactly what I like and what I don't.  I loved this particular outfit but it was best suited for a Sunday. I usually don't wear dresses during the week.  I'm a jeans gal, every day of the week practically. 
I love patterns, bright colors, and jewelry.  

I'm loving my hair longer (it's getting a perm again in a month or so) and want to continue growing it out until I can put it in two long braids and wear fancy cowboy boots. 

I've been trying to put more effort into how I look because I do think it matters.  To me, not in the sense that it should take hours to get ready or cost a lot of money. I buy my clothes on sale, and at thrift stores a lot of times.  I think how we treat our appearance says something about us.  But, those closest to me have seen me without a single bit of makeup and my "mom clothes" on....

I guess all this is to say, it's so nice to be the same me, whether I have a "cute" outfit  on or something just thrown on.  It's also fun to give style a chance after a few years.

Where do you shop or what's your style sense these days?


  1. Great post friend! I really like your glasses as well! I think they are a modern nostalgia! Very YOU and very cute! And you are SO right about the clothing thing!!! Mercy! I am finally ok with my non-pre-baby-just post wedding dress size! And couldn't be more glad! Just purged my closet in fact of things that were taunting me! ;) I have found lots of fun deals at New York and Co in the mall. When they have a sale it's pretty good! I bought a top that is very versatile for casual with a sweater or dressed up a bit with a skirt and is "seasonless" for 80% off! It was $7.60! And again, thanks for being open and honest - I do enjoy your candor.

  2. I like New York and Co too! Their jeans are my favorite :)


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