{DIY} Photo Collage Wreath

Hi everyone!  As many of you know, I love to display photos in my home.  There is just something about seeing familiar faces and joyful memories hung as reminders of the rosiest times in life.  It brings me instant cheer, plus my oldest daughter really loves looking at the pictures too!  

I recently printed out my most favorite photos from the last six months or so.  I obviously had a lot!  I was trying to figure out a way to display them in my house when I noticed this large quilting hoop I had lying around.  Seeing as I don't quilt and wasn't going to use the hoop for the craft I had in mind, I decided to put two and two together and create a photo wreath! I love how it turned out and the joy it brings.

I tried four or five different glues/ideas to try to get the photos to stay on the quilting hoop and finally found success with this method!  I simply hot-glued thin floral wire onto the back of each photo and then wrapped the wire around the hoop.  *I made sure to glue the wire in the appropriate place on the photo so it would look like the arrangement I had previously laid out on the hoop.
 To make the "JOY" letters I printed out the letters in Microsoft Word and then cut around each letter.  I added some cute scrapbook paper to the back of the letters as well to make them stand out even more.

We have a lot of natural light in our home and don't have curtains hung because we don't want our lovely country view to be blocked.  The windows were looking a bit plain though, so I decided to hang the photo wreath right in the middle of them.  What a cheery spot! 

I hope you'll try your own photo wreath!  You could even pick out a smaller embroidery/quilt hoop and do this on a smaller scale. This would also make a great handmade gift. :) 


  1. Love your photo wreath! Love the word "joy". It's my middle name and my daughter's middle name. :)

    1. How sweet! I love shared names :) and what a happy one to share.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank-you! My oldest daughter loves looking at the pictures too :) a great conversation starter for her!

  3. Very cute! Dropping by fromKelly's Korner.

  4. Love your wreath!! Such a fantastic idea. I'd be tickled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!


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