Love and dishes.

Guess who got a visit from Granna and Poppa one day? 
Anna Ruth and I have been trying our best to include Betsy Grace in our normal routine. This day we played in Anna's kitchen for a long, long time.  Betsy Grace decided she wanted to help "cook" by holding onto the fake onion slice. :)

Our sweet girls and I! Sometimes I catch myself looking at them thinking....wait a minute, when did I get old enough to be responsible for two little people? 

Betsy is a lot like her mama, and dad too in some ways.  She's slow and steady. Smiley. Likes to ease into things... :) 

These pictures mean the world to me.  Anna Ruth has just seemed so grown up lately.  She has an eagerness to help and I've been trying to let her as often as it's possible.  She's shown a great interest in the dish-washer for a long time and I remembered Jana (my twin sis) saying she lets her youngest one help with the silverware.  So I used her idea and let Anna put the silverware away.  Oh, it was piled all sorts of ways.  
But it was in the drawer, and most importantly-Anna Ruth was so, so proud to have helped.  We even called Brett to celebrate the accomplishment! :)

*What do you let your little ones help with?*