Well, this is embarrassing {Food, part 1}

Oh dear, there are butterflies with today's post, I'm not gonna lie!  I have written, re-written, deleted, and ignored this post in my mind for days.  So, I've decided to be gutsy and use all my gumption to just go ahead and write.  Today's subject is a very touchy one-food.
Quite a few months ago I bought the book Made to Crave: Satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food.  It sat on my shelf and I kept telling myself I'd read it after I'd had Betsy Grace.  Looking forward to weekends or evenings or mid-afternoons for the purpose of the yummy food that would be included made me want to improve this area of my life and be free from such a hindrance!  

My weight was/is fine, but I wondered if there was a new normal I hadn't experienced yet with food.  I'd hear other women constantly attack themselves for their weight, always thinking they needed to be skinnier even if they were already a normal weight.  I heard repeated apologies in group gatherings for having a special treat, claims that there would be workouts later to make up for it. I saw pin upon pin on Pinterest of gals without an ounce of fat on their bodies being saved for people I thought were beautiful, lean, and fit already.  I had hard days and wanted to help it with a snack.  (see why this is embarrassing?) I didn't know what a normal BMI and weight was for someone my height until a couple years ago.  I had a very distorted view and wanted a change. 
This is where my words get tricky.  Because if I'm being totally honest I'd have to say I really love food!  I believe that God made food for us to enjoy.....I just don't think it needs to be a constant battle/guilt trip/emotional high/comfort, etc.  So, for me personally I had to find what my "healthy" was.
Please don't compare yourself to my version of healthy.  I am praying about, and figuring out what works for my body type, lifestyle, budget, my confidence and happiness.  It is such a personal thing I encourage you to seek your own journey! 
Here are a few questions/guidelines I've figured out for myself after reading the first few chapters of Made to Crave, which gave me much to think about.

*During the day when I want something to eat (even if it's a healthy food) I stop and ask myself if I'm really hungry, or is it just a distraction or the taste I'm wanting.  Also, I ask myself if I've had enough water to drink.  Sometimes I'll have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see if I still feel hungry.....which leads to the next step.

*I eat every time I'm hungry.  Every. single. time.  I don't get (and never will) people denying themselves food when they're hungry. As a nursing mama, this means I eat 3 meals a day, plus anywhere from 3-4 snacks a day as well!  

*I don't count calories.  I eat until I can honestly say I'm full.  I do check the saturated fat and sugar on most foods.  If I've finished a meal and am still hungry-I eat seconds.  

*I drink a lot of water!  And diet coke and coffee too (not good), but still- a lot of water :)

*I try to keep such a nice variety of healthy things in the house I have much to choose from when I am hungry.  For example, at night-cinamon sugar almonds and frozen blueberries are a new favorite for dessert instead of something else sweet.

*and last-I treat myself.  :)  Except for now-it's not  for emotional reasons.  There's no guilt that follows!  I save treats for special occasions, or once or twice a week. Sometimes more.  (sweets are usually my treat! Or a sugary chai tea drink, or good hot chocolate)

Whew-the butterflies have multiplied by the end of this post.  But, my purpose for writing is to hopefully help other gals see that there is a way to enjoy great food, be confident, and not always feel like you're not enough in this area.  I love how God made me look and like it even more now that I'm learning to treat my body with kindness. :) 

{More posts coming soon with the foods I've liked (and not liked), and tips/suggestions!}


  1. I love this!! I'm also learning to redefine my relationship with food. The joy of sharing a meal shouldn't be overcome with guilt of eating said meal. Thanks so much for sharing this, Sara!

  2. Good post! It's good to be honest! You are beautiful! You're right-you have to eat, especially if you're a nursing momma.

  3. I just love this healthy & honest way of looking at food and eating habits. As someone who was significantly overweight growing up, I've had to redefine the way I approach health a few different times (1. When I lost the weight & 2. Maintaining the weight loss). It can be a tricky process, but such a valuable one.


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