Jello play!

"Jello, my name is Anna Ruth.."
Just kidding. :) 
A good friend of mine from playgroup gave me the idea to let Anna Ruth play with jello.  She said her son really liked it!  One morning Anna helped me pour and stir the ingredients together and then I told her she could play with it after nap. She was such a big helper putting the bowl in the refrigerator (a new fave. task of hers-putting things in the fridge!)
I gave her a few utensils to use with the jello......just out of curiosity mainly to see what she would do. (you never know what this little girl will come up with!) She played some, but mostly wanted to use the utensils to shovel the jello into her mouth.  :) She doesn't usually like sweets very much so I was tickled at her response.  She liked it so much we had to be "all done" before too long so she didn't get a tummy ache.  I'm thinking we'll do jello play again.